2014 was a huge year for the Department of Agricultural Economics. It marked our 100 year anniversary. As we embark on our next 100 years, we want to share some of the accomplishments, activities and wisdom of our alumni with our current and future students and at the same time keep our alumni up to date about some of the Department's big events and help them to remain involved with us. We're family!

Get Involved / Stay Involved

  1. Like our AEC Facebook. We now use our Facebook page as a newsletter.
  2. Host an Intern. Our undergraduate students are now required to successfully complete 3 credits of experiential education. Please contact our Academic Coordinator, Susan Skees by email at for more information.
  3. Get on our Announcement List. We promise:
    • Not to go crazy sending e-mails.
    • Not to ask for donations.
    • Not to sell (or give away) your information
    • To let you know about special events.
    To be added to the list, just use our quick and easy form to let us know.
  4. Share what you are doing using our quick, easy and multipurpose form (You can opt-out of the list, if you wish).
  5. What was that, you said? You need to hire someone or you know someone looking to hire someone? We just may have the perfect candidate for you. We even have some options for you:
  6. Attend a seminar.
  7. For those who want to support our students with donations, you can simply send a check made out to "University of Kentucky Agricultural Economics" to:

    Department of Agricultural Economics
    400 Charles E. Barnhart Building
    Lexington, KY 40546-0276

    Or, if you give through telethons/phonathons, you can specify Agricultural Economics if you want your donation to go specifically to ag econ students.

    A big priority is increasing the number of ag econ students who study abroad, whether it's two weeks of agribusiness site visits in Argentina or a semester in Australia. Employers want our graduates to have international experience, and multiple students have told me that it changed their lives. One of the biggest barriers is cost, and we do what we can to subsidize student expenses. If you wonder where your donations go, this is one of the main ways we use them, and the students are extremely grateful!