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Mahdi Asgari

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Ph.D. Student, Job Candidate

Agricultural Economics, International Trade and Development, Agribusiness and Agriculture Marketing, Dynamic Price Analysis

I am researching the impact of macroeconomic policies on the adjustment path of agricultural prices, considering the role of biofuel policies. This work is a theoretical expansion on overshooting hypothesis. I would like to extend my future research to the use of big data in food and agricultural markets, from both supply and consumption perspectives. As the secondary research area, I am interested in the U.S. agricultural trade. I will complete my Ph.D. by May 2017.

Abdelaziz Lawani

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Ph.D. Student, Job Candidate

Primary: Agribusiness-marketing, Environmental and Development Economics
Secondary: Data Science, Industrial Organization

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky where I expect to graduate in May 2018. My research interests lie at the interactions of data science, development and environmental economics, and agribusiness (marketing). My dissertation discusses three essays on the economic value of online reviews. My first essay titled “Impact of online reviews on price: Evidence from sentiment analysis of Airbnb reviews in Boston” examines the relationship between guests reviews, used as a proxy for quality, and the price set by hosts on the Airbnb platform in Boston. Using sentiment analysis to derive the quality from the reviews and a hedonic spatial autoregressive model, we find that prices are strategic complements and are influenced by the review score. Prior to my graduate studies, I worked for more than seven years in Sub-Saharan Africa and have an excellent experience working with donors and partners at the international level.

Ben Martin

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M.S. Student, Job Candidate

    Farm Management

    Mehdi Nemati

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    Ph.D. Student, Job Candidate

    Environmental and Water Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics

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