AEC 510 International Trade and Agricultural Marketing

AEC 531 Agricultural Price Analysis

AEC 610 International Trade in Agricultural Products

AEC 796 Seminar: Current Issues in Ag Economics

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Michael R. Reed

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308 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: 859-257-7259

Ph.D.Iowa State University 1979
M.S.Iowa State University 1976
B.S.Kansas State University 1974


International Trade and Agricultural Marketing; Statistics; Price Analysis

Director, Office of International Programs for Agriculture

Current Projects

Proposal to Host Norman Borlaug Fellow from Mexico on Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Norman Borlaug International Science Fellow from Ghana; Technical Assistance to Extension in Serbia;

Career Highlights

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration), Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2014
Fulbright Award (Specialist), Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe, January/February 2014
Book Review Editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2013-2015
President, Past President and President Elect, Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 2009-2012
Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Ph.D). Bucharest University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Romania). 2007
Honorary Fellow, University of Craiova (Romania), 2007

Highlighted Publications

Reed, Michael. International Trade in Agricultural Products. Prentice-Hall. May 2000. 235 pages.

Saghaian, Sayed and Michael Reed. “Spillover Effects of U.S. Federal Reserve’s Recent Quantitative Easing on Canadian Commodity Prices.” International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics. Vol. 3 (2015): 33-43.

Najarzadeh, Reza, Farzad Rahimzadeh, and Michael Reed. “Does the Internet Increase Labor Productivity? Evidence from a Cross-country Dynamic Panel.” Journal of Policy Modeling.

Li, Xiang, Michael Reed, and Wuyang Hu. “An Investigation of the Public Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Organisms in China through Comments on Web-based Social Media.” Forthcoming in AgBioForum

Sun, Lin and Michael Reed. “Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on Agricultural Trade Creation and Trade Diversion.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92 (2010): 1351-63.

Babool, Ashfaqul and Michael Reed. “The Impact of Environmental Policy on International Competitiveness in Manufacturing.” Applied Economics 42 (2010): 2317-26.

Reed, Michael. “Outsourcing and Foreign Direct Investment: Boon or Bane? Discussion.” Review of Agricultural Economics 27 (2005) No. 3: 402-4.

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