AEC 622 Advanced Agribusiness Management Strategies

AEC 422 Agribusiness Management

Sayed Saghaian

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314 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276

Phone: (859)-257-2356

Ph.D.University of Kentucky 1992
M.S.University of Kentucky 1986
B.S.University of Kentucky 1983


Agribusiness Management

Editor, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Current Projects

Food Safety Incidents and the Food Supply Chain: The Impacts on Consumers and Producers and the Strategic Response of Supply Chain Managers and Food Industry Leaders.

Highlighted Publications

Saghaian, S. and M. Reed. (2014). “The Impact of the Recent Federal Reserve Large- Scale Asset Purchases on the Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Historical Decomposition.” International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics, 2 (2): 1-16.

Asgari, M. and S. Saghaian. (2013). “Oligopolistic Market Structure in the Japanese Pistachio Import Market,” Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, 11(1):1-13.

Shahnoushi, N., S. Saghaian, M. Reed, A. Firoozzare, and M. Jalerajabi. (2013). “Investigation of Factors Affecting Consumers’ Bread Wastage” Journal of Agricultural Economics & Development, 6(2): 246-254.

Li, X. (Vivian), S. Saghaian, and M. Reed. (2013). “The Impact of HACCP on U.S. Seafood Exports: The Case of Fish, Mollusks and Shellfish other than Mollusks,” Journal of International Agricultural Trade & Development, 8(2):111-123.

Adekunle, O. and S. Saghaian. (2014).” A Hedonic price analysis of internet auctions for the BLM’s Wild horses and Burros: An overview of management strategies for the BLM to increase public adoption rate of Wild horses and Burros.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Abstract 46:393.

Barnhart, J. and S. Saghaian. (2014). “What variables have historically impacted Kentucky and Iowa farmland values?” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Abstract 46:393.

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