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Fertilizer and Lime Management

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Lime and Nutrient Recommendation, AGR-1                                                     PDF HTML
Fertility Management in Corn PDF HTML
When to Apply Lime and Fertilizer, AGR-5 PDF HTML
Potassium in Kentucky Soils, AGR-11 PDF HTML
Liming Acid Soils, AGR-19 PDF HTML
Nitrogen in Kentucky Soils, AGR-43 PDF HTML
Liming and Fertilizing Burley Tobacco, AGR-49 PDF HTML
Urea as a Source of Nitrogen for Crops in Kentucky, AGR-69 PDF HTML
Fertilization of Cool-Season Grasses, AGR-103 PDF HTML

Determining the Quality of Ag Lime: Relative Neutralizing Value (RNV), AGR-106

Managing Acid Soils for the Production of Burley Tobacco, AGR-109 PDF HTML

Managing Soil Nitrates for Agronomic Efficiency and Environmental Protection, AGR-147

Evaluating Fertilizer Recommendations, AGR-151 PDF HTML

Problems in Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies of Cool Season Grasses, AGR-169

Using a Chlorophyll Meter to Make Nitrogen Recommendation on Wheat, AGR-170 PDF HTML
Corn Stalk Nitrate Test, AGR-180 PDF HTML
Comparison and Use of Chlorophyll Meters on Wheat, AGR-181 PDF HTML
Nitrogen Transformation Inhibitors and Controlled-Release Urea, AGR-185 PDF HTML
Managing Seasonal Fluctuations of Soil Test, AGR-189 PDF HTML
Waste Management Back to Top
Tobacco Stalks and Stems Fertility Value and Use, AGR-23 PDF HTML
Using Animal Manures as Nutrient Sources, AGR-146 PDF HTML
The Agronomics of Manure Use For Crop Production, AGR-165 PDF HTML

Broiler Litter Production in Kentucky and Potential Use as a Nutrient Source, AGR-168

Poultry Litter Management, ID-17 PDF HTML
Nutrient Management in Kentucky, ID-71 PDF HTML
Livestock Waste Sampling and Testing, ID 123 PDF HTML
Nutrient Management in Kentucky PDF HTML
Nutrient Management Planning Guidelines PDF HTML
Assessment of the Potential for Livestock and Poultry Manure to Provide the Nutrients Removed by Crops and Forages in Kentucky
Potential for Livestock and Poultry Manure to Provide the Nutrients Removed by Crops and Forages in Kentucky PDF HTML
Soil Testing Back to Top
Taking Soil Test Samples, AGR-16   PDF HTML
Soil Testing: What It Is and What It Does, AGR-57 PDF HTML
Soil Management and Land Reclamation Back to Top
Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations for Reclamation of Surface-mined Soils, AGR-40 PDF HTML
Soil Compaction in Kentucky, AGR-161   PDF HTML
Assessing and Preventing Soil Compaction in Kentucky, ID-153   PDF HTML
Soil Erosion Control Back to Top
Controlling Soil Erosion with Agronomic Practices, AGR-96 PDF HTML
Strip Cropping and Contouring, AGR-98 PDF HTML
Tillage and Crop Residue Management, AGR-99 PDF HTML
No-Till Corn, AGR-100   PDF HTML
No-Till Soybeans, AGR-101   PDF HTML
Erosion: Its Effects on Soil Properties, Productivity and Profit, AGR-102 PDF HTML
No-Till Small Grain Production, AGR-113   PDF HTML
Soil Erodibility: How It Is Determined and Used?, AGR-125 PDF HTML
Nature and Value of Residual Soil Fertility, AGR-144 PDF HTML
Homeowners and Urban Soils Back to Top
Principles of Home Landscape Fertilizing, ID-72 PDF HTML
Maintaining Conventional Septic Systems, AGR-166 PDF HTML
Septic Systems for Homeowners, AGR-167 PDF HTML

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