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Soil Science News and Views is a publication series within the Department of Plant and Soil Sci at the University of Kentucky that deals with current issues in soil science.  Articles from other departments within the College of Agriculture are also accepted.  All articles are review by faculty members prior to publications.  For additional information please contact the editor, Greg Schwab.   

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Title Authors Volume
Evaluating P and K Fertilizer Prescriptions from Site-Specific Technologies J. Grove and E. Pena-Yewtukhiw 27:1(2007)
The Corn Belt Multi-State Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator:
Not Reliable for Kentucky Corn Producers
J. Grove and G. Schwab 26:4(2006)
Alternative Fertilizer Nitrogen Sources for Tobacco Production R. Pearce, A. Bailey, and G. Palmer 26:3(2006)
On-Farm Field Research: Replicating Your Valid Comparison J. Grove 26:2(2006)
On-Farm Field Research: Setting Up a Valid Comparison J. Grove 26:1(2006)
Update on Poultry Litter as a Nitrogen Source and the
Long-term Benefits of Its Use

M. Rasnake, G. Kelley,

L. Murdock and F. Sikora


How Much No-Till Wheat is Planted? Lloyd Murdock 23:3(2003)
Precision Farming in Kentucky: Evaluating Public and Private Sector Influence on the Adoption Decision Rod Grusy 23:2(2003)
Value of Poultry Litter When Applied in the Fall M. Rasnake and G. Kelley 23:1(2003)
Soil Testing For Agronomic And Environmental Uses W.O. Thom and F. Sikora 21:4(2001)
Drawdown of Soil Test Phosphorus and Potassium Levels by Alfalfa K.L. Wells and J.E. Dollarhide 21:3(2001)
Effect of Magnesium and Sulfur Fertilization of Alfalfa K.L. Wells and J.E. Dollarhide 21:2(2001)
Irrigated Field Crop Acres in Kentucky L. Murdock 21:1(2001)
Subsoiling of No-Tilled Corn L. Murdock 20:3(1999)
Lime Rate Adjustments Based on RNV and Depth W.O. Thom 20:1(1999)
Precision Agriculture: The Effect of Variable Rate Fertilizer
Application On Soil Test Values
K.L. Wells and J.E. Dollarhide 19:6(1998)
Precision Agriculture: A Field Study of Soil Test Variability And
Its Effect on Accuracy of Fertilizer Recommendations
K.L. Wells and J.E. Dollarhide 19:5(1998)
No Tillage Use for Crop Production in Kentucky Counties in 1997 G.R. Hazsler 19:4(1998)
A Two Year Evaluation of Nitrate-N and Triazine Herbicides in
Groundwater and Surface Water of an Intensively Row Cropped
Agricultural Watershed in Western Kentucky
L. Reber and J. Potts 19:3(1998)
Late Season Supplemental Nitrogen on Double-Cropped Soybeans C. Judy and L. Murdock 19:2(1998)
Use of Animal Wastes on Cropland M. Rasnake and S. Smith 19:1(1998)
Profitability of Variable Rate Fertilization on a Kentucky Soil
(a Theoretical Analysis)
L. Murdock and P. Howe 18:10(1997)
Pelletized lime -  How Quickly Does it React? L. Murdock 18:9(1997)
How Accurate Are UK's Nitrogen Recommendations For Corn? K.L. Wells, J.E. Dollarhide, and D.C. Ditsch 18:8(1997)
No Tillage Use for Crop Production in Kentucky Counties in 1996 G. R. Haszler and G. W. Thomas 18:6(1997)
Economics of Precision Farming: Payoffin the Future J. Lowenberg-DeBoer 18:5(1997)
Tillage Slows Fecal Bacteria Infiltration Through Soil M.S. Coyne, S.W. McMurry, and E. Perfect 18:4(1997)
Filter Strip Length and Fecal Bacteria Trapping From Poultry Waste  - An Update M.S. Coyne, R.A. Gilfillen, AND R.L. Blevins 18:3(1997)
Soil Management for Intensive Grazing K.L. Wells and C.T. Dougherty 18:2(1997)
How Do Bacteria Move Through the Soil? M.S. Coyne, J.M. Howell, and R.E. Phillips 18:1(1997)




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