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1 December, 1998:  added Undergraduate Student Worker page available from Personnel page.

27 November, 1998:  added individual photos of researchers to Personnel page.

28 December, 1997:  edited HTML (and META tags) of all pages.

10 December, 1997:  added a link about Plant Biochemistry 503 to the sidebar on all pages and removed teaching section from the research page.

3 December, 1997:  minor HTML changes to personnel page.

1 December, 1997:  link added to research page about Plant Biochemistry, BCH/PPA 503.

17 October, 1997:  KSB and USB logos removed from the research page, new soybean page created, ALT tags edited on logo, Meshack Afitlhile's research project outline edited

15 October, 1997:  KSB and USB logos added to the research page

6 October, 1997:  KSB and USB logos added to the links page, PLBC logo added

24 September, 1997:  minor HTML changes to email addresses

15 September, 1997publications and personnel pages updated

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What's new?

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