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Animal Research Center Beef Unit

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2013 Extension Report and Directory

Beef Cattle Extension

The University of Kentucky Beef Extension Group includes Dr. John T. Johns (Nutrition), Dr. Roy Burris (Nutrition), Dr. Darrh Bullock (Genetics), and Dr. Les Anderson (Reproductive Management).  Our team also includes Mr. Kevin Laurant (Extension Associate - Beef Production), Mr. Jim Akers (Extension Associate - IRM Coordinator) Mrs. Jennifer Hunter (Extension Associate - Records) and Mrs. Velvet Barnett (Computer Programming).

Our mission is to improve beef production profitability and sustainability by enhancing education, cooperation, and opportunity of Kentucky beef producers.

The University of Kentucky Beef Extension Group offers numerous programs to improve beef cattle production and profitability.  Each of these programs is discussed briefly below.

Integrated Resource Management (IRM).  The IRM provides a dynamic educational program that benefits beef producers of all sizes.  The program uses an integrated approach to provide the beef industry of Kentucky with interdisciplinary, unbiased, research based training and resource material to enhance an individual's ability to make decisions.  
Dr. Roy Burris

Five State Beef Initiative (FSBI)The FSBI is a cooperative effort between the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.  The FSBI is a coordinated production system made up of producers, processors, and vendors working together to develop a system that responds to the concern of the consumer and captures the true value of our beef products.  
Dr. John Johns

Kentucky Bull Evaluation Program.  Producers consign bulls that are evaluated on postweaning performance, ultrasonic carcass merit, and EPDs.  
Dr. Darrh Bullock

Feedlot And Carcass Tests (FACTS).  The FACTS program enables producers to obtain feedlot and carcass information on their steers to alter their breeding programs to improve the performance of their calves.  
Dr. Darrh Bullock

Allied Inputs and Marketing (AIM).  The AIM program encourages producers to form purchasing and marketing cooperatives.  Through group purchasing and marketing, small and medium sized producers are able to take advantage of economies of size.  
Dr. Les Anderson

Kentucky Heifer Development Program.  Production efficiency and profitability can be increased if producers become more efficient in developing replacement females.  This program teaches producers scientific techniques to improve the performance of their replacement females.  
Dr. Les Anderson

Certified Preconditioned for Health (CPH).  The CPH program enables producers to group market calves that have undergone recommended health and preconditioning programs designed to improve calf health and performance in the feedlot.  
Dr. Roy Burris

The Beef Unit will serve as an educational center for Kentucky's beef producers. Facilities will be available for field days as well as focused training and transfer of the latest technologies in areas.

Facilities will also be used to host a variety of youth-based activities, including 4-H and FFA, school field trips, and judging clinics.

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