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Kentucky Dairy Notes Articles

Bewley, J.M.  2010.  Observing Dairy Cows in Freestalls: Stop, Watch, Listen, Think, Change.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (April)


Bewley, J.M.  2010.  Minimizing Emergency Calls from Freestall Housed Cows by Providing Adequate Lunge Space.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (February)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  Do Your Cows Have a Comfortable Place to Rest? Kentucky Dairy Notes. (December)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  When Using Green Sawdust, Take These Precautions to Minimize Risk.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (November)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  Building Resilient Dairy Farms.  Kentucky Dairy Notes (October)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  8 "Controllables" During Hard Times in the Dairy Business.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (July)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  The Power of Partial Budgeting in Dairy Decision Making.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (May)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  Improving Milk Quality When Milk Prices are Low.  Kentucky Dairy Notes.  (April)


Bewley, J.M. and J.L. Taraba.  2009.  Understanding Bedding Materials for Compost Bedded Pack Barns.  Kentucky Dairy Notes.  (March)


Bewley, J.M.  2009.  Precision Dairy Farming.  Kentucky Dairy Notes.  (February)


Bewley, J.M.  2008.  Compost Bedded Pack Barn Construction.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (November-December)


Bewley, J.M.  2008. Improving Cow Comfort Through Proper Neck Rail Placement. Kentucky Dairy Notes.


Bewley, J.M.  2008. Think it Through Before Building a Compost Bedded Pack Barn.  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (July-August)


Bewley, J.M.  2008.  Don't Kill Your Cash Cow While Trying to Cut Feed Costs. Kentucky Dairy Notes. (May-June)


Bewley, J.M.  2008.  So, What Do You Mean by "Dairy Systems?"  Kentucky Dairy Notes. (March-April)


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