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Food Science

Graduate Program Information Request
Food Science Homepage

If you are interested in receiving more information and a formal application for admission into our graduate program in the Food Science Section, Department of Animal Sciences please take some time to fill in the form which follows. Please keep in mind that submission of this form does not constitute a formal application. Further information is also available directly from the UK Graduate School.

Personal Information

Please give your complete address (including e-mail, if available) so that we may contact you with further information.

First name:
Last name:
Street address:
State and/or country:
Zip or postal code:
E-mail address:

Please give the degree program in which you are interested:

Please check your present status? Domestic (U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident) International

Do you require financial assistance to attend graduate school at UK? Yes No

Current Academic Information

If you are currently enrolled in an academic institution, please provide the following information.

Current Institution:

Current Grade Point Average:

Current Degree Program:  

If you are an international student, please give your Test of English as a Foreign Language score:  

Research Areas

Research areas for Food Science are listed below. Please rank your order of preference for different areas by typing in the spaces provided with "1" indicating your highest preference:
Dairy Chemistry (1-6)
Dairy Technology (1-6)
Food/Lipid Chemistry (1-6)
Food Microbiology/Safety  (1-6)
Meats  (1-6)
Muscle Protein Biochemistry   (1-6)

Specific Research Interests

If you are interested in a specific research project, describe that interest:

Previous Contact

If you are interested in working with a specific faculty member in Food Science or have already contacted one of the faculty about Graduate School, give their name and date of inquiry:  

Further information can be obtained directly from:

Dr. David Harmon
Director of Graduate Studies
Animal Sciences Department
University of Kentucky
814 W. P. Garrigus Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0215

Telephone: (859)-257-2891
Fax:  (859)-257-3412

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