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Goat Newsletter

The following newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat PDF form. Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.

April 2011, Dealing with High Feed Costs, Avoid Parasite Resistance Development, Common Cause of Abortion in Small Ruminants and Using Goats to Improve Cattle Pastures (PDF version)

December 2010, Getting Ready for the Kidding Season: Herd Health and Kidding Kit, Dealing with the High Cost of Feeds, Improving Production Through Selection, Investigating Abortions in Ewes and Does. (PDF version)

September 2010, Fall Schedule for Internal and External Parasite Management in Goats, Raw Goat’s Milk-A Deadly Risk,  Multi-State Meat Goat Production Webinar (PDF version)

May 2010, New! Online course offered for new producers of sheep and goats, Managing parasites in goats, Producing summer annual grasses for grazing sheep and goats, Animal performance and profitability, Artificial Insemination Clinic Oct. 16, 2010.  (PDF version)

December 2009, KY Elite Replacement Doe Sale, (Sat. May 22, 2010), Abstract: Effects of Level of Supplementation in Late Gestation on Performance of Meat Goat Does and Kids, Start Keeping Records for Better Performance, New Drug Being Investigated in the War Against Caseous Lymphadenitis, Be Ready for Kidding Season. (PDF version)

July 2009, High Temperatures and heat Stress Reduce Productivity, Grazing Strategies Affect Ambient Temperatures, Benefits of Shade Structures, Thinking Ahead Improves Kid Quality, KY Investigators Assess the Potential for Increasing Hispanic Consumption of Goat Meat (PDF version)

March 2009,  Abortion Problems seen in 2009, Pregnancy Issues, Q-Fever, Generic Abortion Prevention Program (PDF version)

December 2008, Sheep and Goat Market Situation, Preparing Does for Kidding Season, Kidding Time Concerns, Pasture Renovation for Better Goat Production, Grazing Turnips and Goat Milk Characteristic by Breed -         (PDF version)

June 2008, Scrapie Eradication Program – National Scrapie Eradication Program (NSEP), Kentucky Department of Agriculture Scrapie Program, Kentucky Master Goat Grazer Program, and Developing a Pasture into a Grazing System (PDF version)

February 2008, Kidding Edition – Slaughter Kid and Replacement Doe Economic Out-Look, Assisting in the Kidding Process, Bottle Feeding Kids, Creep Feeding Kids, Steps to Improve Kid Survival, Doe Care and Feeding, Forage Management for the Spring Grazing Season (PDF version)

September 2007, Dealing with Hay Shortages and High Corn Prices, The Dry Weather Edition! (PDF version)

April 2007, Potential for Using Goats as a Vegetation Management Tool, KSU: Goat Herd Improvement Program, Organic Internal Parasite Management & Application of Farm Gastrointestinal Parasite Assessment (FARM-GPA) (PDF version)

 December 2006, Buying Low and Selling High!, Kidding Season Preparation and Kid Care, Goat Health Management Tips, Take Care with Hooves in Wet Weather (PDF version)

July, 2006, Evaluation of Distillers Dried Grains, Soybean Hulls and Whole Corn for Growing and Finishing Meat Goats, Sept. 28, Goat Production at All Commodity Field Day, Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control, Digital FAMACHA on the PDA, Aug. 29, Regional Forage Field Day at SIPAC, Aug. 4, Buck Performance Sale (PDF version)

April, 2006, 2006 Goat Market Situation and Outlook, Successful Renovation of Tall Fescue with Serecia Lespedeza and Brown Tyne Chicory, Goat Health Issues (PDF version)

Nov. - Dec. 2005 Overview of Artificial Insemination of Meat and Dairy Goats, Economics of AI, Planning Winter Feeding Program, Add Value to Kentucky Products by Feeding Distillers Dried Grains (PDF version)

July, 2005 Meat Goat and Sheep Workshop UK and Purdue July 30, Mineral Supplementation for Goats, Selection to Meet Production Goals, Meningeal Worm-A new Risk, AI Clinics (PDF version)

April, 2005 Results of the 2004 County FAMACHA Trials, How to renovate Steep Terrain Pastures, Foot Scald Vaccine Study (PDF version)

November - December 2004 Meat Goat Prices at Record Highs & Tobacco Barn Renovation for Meat Goat Production (PDF version)

August - September 2004 Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Evaluates FAMACHA (PDF version)

June - July 2004 "Enough To Make Your Skin Crawl" Goat Skin Disease (PDF version)

April - May 2004 Summer Annuals Provide a Great Escape for Grazing Goats (PDF version)

March 2004 Goats in Vegetation Management Workshop April 15 / Gastro-Intestinal Parasite Survival Kit for Goats (PDF version)

February 2004 Goat Foot Rot / Goats in Vegetation Management Workshop April 15 (PDF version)

December-January 2003/2004 Livestock Tracking Systems/ Goat Meat Market Report for 2003 (PDF version)

October-Novermber 2003 (PDF version)

August-September 2003 (PDF version)

July 2003 (PDF version)



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