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Goat Presentations & Publications


District 1 Goat College Program Highlights, March 5, 12 & 26, 2009

Diseases and problems commonly seen in Kentucky Goat Herds

Kenneth Andries, State Specialist, Animal Sciences, KSU (PDF)

Basic Internal Parasite Management and Vaccination Schedule

Kenneth Andries, State Specialist, Animal Sciences, KSU (PDF)

Body Condition Score

Terry Hutchens, Extension Goat Specialist, UK (PDF)


Mineral Requirements of Goats and Trial Mineral Supplements

John Johns, Extension Beef Nutritionist, Emeritus (PDF)


Matching Nutritional Needs through Grazing Management and Strategic Concentrate Feeding

Terry Hutchens, Extension Goat Specialist, UK (PDF)


Sel-Plex as an Organic Mineral Selenium Supplement

Joe Sparrow, Sales Representative, Alltech (PDF)


Forage Species Selection & Establishment Methods David Ditsch, Robinson Station Superintendent, Plant and Soil Science, UK ( PDF)

Fencing and Water Systems in Grazing Programs

Kenneth Andries, State Specialist, Animal Sciences, KSU (PDF)


Goatzilla (Kentucky Performance Products), Meeting the Energy Requirements of Breeding

Show Goats with Reduced Risk of Urinary Calculi Formation

Delia Nash, Vice President of Sales, Director New Business Development (PDF)


Supplemental Materials to District 1 Goat College Program Highlights, March 5, 12 & 26, 2009

A1 Agr 190 Chicory(PDF), A2 ANR 1318 Sericea Lespedeza(PDF),

A3 Goat Nutrition Tables(PDF), A4 Farm Fencing for Goats(PDF),

A5 Goat Meds(PDF), A6 Goat Management Calendar(PDF),

A7 ID 143 Rotational Grazing(PDF), A8 Stockpiling for Fall(PDF),

A9 Body Condition Score Pub.(PDF)


New Goat Herd Health Issues and Concerns (PDF)

Internal Parasite Management Pub. Sheep and Goats (Pub. PDF)

Highlights Fecal Egg Count Workshops (Web Slideshow)

Gastro-Intestinal Parasite Management for Goats (Web Slideshow)

Gastro-Intestinal Parasite: Parasite Survival Kit 2004 (PDF)

Gastro-Intestinal Parasite: Parasite Dewormer Chart 2004 (PDF)

Medications Commonly Used in Goats (PDF)

Recent Changes for State Requirements for Identification of Kentucky Goats and Sheep (Link)

Scrapie Another Spongiform Disease of Sheep and Goats (Link)

Scrapie USDA Voluntary Scrapie Certification Program (Link)


Determine Body Condition Score for Goats (Link)

Selecting Foundation and Replacement Goats 2004 (PDF)

Meat Goat Production Overview, Langston University (PDF)

Training a Guard Dog, Oregon State University (PDF)

UK-KSU Goat DVD (Link)

Disbudding Kid Goats (Slides from Texas A&M) (PDF)


Feedlot Feeder Design, Design by Mr. Charles Smith,, Glasgow KY (bmp)

Inexpensive Feed Storage Bins for Goat and Sheep Farms (PDF)

Renovation of Tobacco Barn for Housing (Web Slideshow)

Barn Renovation Design Methods (PDF)

Barn Renovation Design Sheets (PDF)


Niche and Ethnic Markets for Goat Meat in Illinois (PDF)

Web-Calculator- Kid Feeding Budget (Web-Budget)

Web-Calculator- Goat and Kid Budget (Web-Budget)



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