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Beef News Resources

News releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture News Releases.  Radio news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Radio News Releases.  Television news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Television News Releases.

March 2012

Understanding Animal Disease Traceability Requirements
·Agriculture Radio News

Can Your Bull Pass A Breeding Soundness Exam?
Featuring Dr.
·Agriculture Radio News

Extension Programs Help Producer Graze Cattle through Winter
3/19·UK Ag News

March 2012 Market Update 
·Agriculture Radio News

March "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, and Mr. Land Dale
3/7·UK Animal & Food Science News

February 2012

February "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, Lehmkuhler
2/9·UK Animal & Food Science News

Feeder Cattle Price Outlook for 2012
·Agriculture Radio News

Conference Offers Beef Producers Solutions to Industry Challenges
Featuring Dr.
8·UK Ag News

January 2011

Adding Supplements to Cattle Diets
Featuring Dr.
30·Agriculture Radio News

Dealing With Horn Files
30·Agriculture Radio News

Comparing A.I. to Natural Breeding (pt. 2)
Featuring Dr.
·Agriculture Radio News

2012 Cattle Market Forecast
·Agriculture Radio News

January "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, Lehmkuhler
0·UK Animal & Food Science News

Comparing A.I. to Natural Breeding (pt. 1)
Featuring Dr.
·Agriculture Radio News

Recognizing Lice on Cattle
·Agriculture Radio News

December 2011

December "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, Lehmkuhler
12/12·UK Animal & Food Science News

Managing Beef Breeding For Profit
Featuring Dr. Bullock

·Agriculture Radio News

2011 Feeder Cattle Market Summary 
·Agriculture Radio News

November 2011

November "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris
11/30·UK Animal & Food Science News

Winter cattle feeding that doesn't break the bank
Featuring Roy Burris

·UK Ag News

October 2011

Feeding the Beef Herd This Winter
Featuring Dr. Burris
10/12·Agriculture Radio News

October "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, and Lehmkuhler
10/12·UK Animal & Food Science News

September 2011

Preparing for Fall and Winter in the Kentucky Beef Cattle Industry
Featuring Dr. Burris
9/29·Agriculture Radio News

Testing Forages to Determine a Supplemental Feeding Program
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler
9/23·Agriculture Radio News

Testing Beef Cows for Pregnancy
Featuring Dr. Anderson
9/16·Agriculture Radio News

September "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, and Lehmkuhler
9/13·UK Animal & Food Science News

Understanding the Need for Effective Vaccines
9/2·Agriculture Radio News

Using Alternative Ways for Fly Control
9/2·Agriculture Radio News

August 2011

Making Breeding Decisions Based On Markets
Featuring Dr. Bullock
8/19·Agriculture Radio News

Stockpiling Tall Fescue
8/11·Agriculture Radio News

Stockpiling Pastures for Fall Grazing
8/5·Agriculture Radio News

Controlling House and Stable Flies
8/5·Agriculture Radio News

July 2011

Marketing Meat Directly To The Public
7/28·Agriculture Radio News

Deworming Spring-Born Calves
Featuring Kevin Laurant

7/22·Agriculture Radio News

Registration open for Aug. 15-16 Kentucky Grazing School
7/6·UK Ag News

June 2011

Feeding Beef Cattle Distillers Dried Grains
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler

6/23·Agriculture Radio News

June 2011 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris

6/15·UK Animal & Food Science News

Cutting Late Hay
6/15·Agriculture Radio News

Aug. 15-16 Ky Grazing School

Kentucky's Livestock Get Early Dose of Heat Stress
6/13·UK Ag News

May 2011

Grazing Network's First Pasture Walk Scheduled
5/20·UK Ag News

May 2011 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burriss
5/10·Animal & Food Science News

Understanding Weak-Calf Syndrome
5/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2011

March 2011 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Bullock, Burris, Lehmkuhler
3/17·Animal & Food Science News

Kentucky Grazing School Set for April 13-14
Featuring Drs. Amaral-Phillips
3/16·Animal & Food Science News

April 13-14 - Ky Grazing School

Empowering Agriculture in Developing Countries
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler

3/7·Agriculture Radio News Releases

February 2011

New Tag Requirements in Effect for Some Kentucky Breeding Cattle
2/24·UK Ag News

Protecting the Environment With an Animal Nutrient Management Program 
2/17·Consumer Radio News Releases

Controlling Hornflies and Faceflies on Animals
2/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Improving Pastures and Hayfields
2/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Incorporating Genomics into Genetic Evaluations
Featuring Dr. Bullock

2/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

February 2011 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Lehmkuhler, Burris

·Animal & Food Science News

Controlling Cattle Lice
Agriculture Radio News Releases

January 2011

Controlling Lice on Animals
1/25·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding Cattle Inventory
1/25·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Reviewing the Report on Agricultural outlook
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding Vaccination Labels
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Practicing Farm Safety Saves Lives
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Stocker Conference Set for Feb. 21 and 22 in Bowling Green
Featuring Drs. Lehmkuhler, Rentfrow, Burris

1/13·UK Ag News

December 2010

Controlling Cattle Lice in a Herd
12/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2010 "Off The Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Dr. Anderson, Lehmkuhler, Burris

·Animal & Food Science News

Arctic Cold Dangerous for Kentucky Livestock
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler

12/7·UK Ag News

Overwintering Pasture Management
12/7·Agriculture Radio News Releases

November 2010

Preparing Forage for a Beef Enterprise
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler

11/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Purchasing Hay
11/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Time to Inventory, Purchase Hay
11/9·UK Ag News

Utilizing a Beef Selection Index
Featuring Dr. Bullock
11/5·Agriculture Radio News Releases

October 2010

Beef Finishing Workshop Helps Farmers Tap Into Demand for Local Beef
Featuring Drs. Rentfrow, and Lehmkuhler
10/26·UK Ag News

Kentucky Beef Conference is Oct. 26
10/20·UK Ag News

Grazing Alfalfa
10/12·UK Ag Video

October 2010 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burriss
, Lehmkuhler
·Animal & Food Science News

September 2010

Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burriss

August 2010

July 2010

June 2010

Abundant Clover Setting Stage for Cattle Bloat Problems
Featuring Dr. Burris, Lehmkuhler
6/22·UK Ag News

June "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Dr. Anderson, Burris, Lehmkuhler
6/10·Animal & Food Sciences

April 2010

Managing Forages
4/1Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2010

March 2010 Issue: Off the Hoof Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Bullock, Burris, Lehmkuhler
·Animal & Food Science News

February 2010

January 2010

Feb. 23-24 Mid-South Stocker Conference

December 2009

November 2009

October 2009

Preconditioning Considerations for 2009
10/5·Agriculture Radio News Releases

September 2009

August 2009

Oct. 8-9 Ky Grazing School

July 2009

July 2007 "Off The Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Burris, and Lehmkuhler

7/7·Animal & Food Sciences News

June 2009

April 2009

Understanding the Mineral Requirements of Grazing Beef Cattle
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler
4/30·Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2009

March "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Bullock, and Burris
Animal & Food Sciences News

February 2008

Understanding the Importance of C.H.A.P.S.
Featuring Arren Heenan
2/27·Agriculture Radio News Releases

February "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter
Featuring Drs. Anderson, Bullock, and Burris
Animal & Food Sciences News

January 2009

Battling Hard Times with Cattle in Kentucky
1/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Maintaining Pasture While Reducing Mud
1/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

January 2009 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter

December 2008

November 2008

No need for beef producers to panic about Curly Calf Syndrome
Featuring Dr. Bullock
11/11·Agriculture News Releases

October 2008

Oct. 23: Grazing Conference

October 2008 "Off the Hoof" Beef Newsletter

Beef Bash
Featuring Drs. Burris, Cox
10/6·Growing Kentucky

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Groundbreaking
10/6·Growing Kentucky

Hay supplies up, but not back to normal
10/6·Agriculture News Releases

Controlling Cattle Grub
10/3·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Oct. 6: The Agricultural Animal Health Program, We're In This Together

September 2008

'Beef Bash' field day to focus on beef cattle
Featuring Dr. Burris
9/9·Agriculture News Releases

"September 08 Off The Hoof" Beef Newsletter
9/4·Animal & Food Sciences News

Gearing Up for Annie's Project
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2008

Goat/Beef Co-Grazing Study
8/12·Growing Kentucky

Stockpiling Forages For Fall and Winter Pasture
8/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

September 25: Robinson Station Field Day
8/12·Growing Kentucky

July 2008

June 2008


August 2007

Beef Training Camp
Featuring Drs. Bullock and
Extension Today: On the Air

Hay Supply Starting to Dwindle
3/6 ·
Agriculture News Releases

February 2007

Upcoming Calving Season Could be a Challenge
Featuring Dr. Burris
2/2·Agriculture News Releases

January 2007

Managing Cows During Calving Season
Featuring Dr. Anderson

1/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Managing Beef Cattle in the Winter
Featuring Dr. Johns

1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Protecting The Herd From Cattle Lice
1/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Choosing the Right Herd Bull
Featuring Dr. Bullock

1/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2006

Producing Livestock in Kentucky
12/13·Agriculture Radio News Releases

2006 Farm Cash Receipts Hit $4.1 Billion; 2007 May Go Higher
12/8·Agriculture News Releases

Livestock Sector to Slow, Higher Feed Costs a Factor
12/8·Agriculture News Releases

Testing Your Hay to Save Money
12/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Treating Black Leg Disease
12/1 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Nobember 2006

Nov. 16 Workshop - Animal Identification, Premise Registration Winter Beef Cattle Concerns

October 2006


September 2006

9/25 Seminar: Homeland Security from Farm to Fork
ASC771 Seminar

International Meat Trade Not Too Complicated
Agriculture News Releases

Kentucky's Producers Focusing on Hay Quality
Agriculture News Releases

Replacing Endophite-Infested Tall Fescue Pastures
9/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Animal & Food Sciences Reunion - Sept. 15

Now is the Time to Stockpile Forages, Renovate Fields
Agriculture News Releases

August 2006

Understanding Information for Cattle Marketing
Featuring Jim Akers
8/30·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Mid-Year Cattle Report Positive for Kentucky Producers
Agriculture News Releases

Keeping Production Records Through the CHAPS Program
8/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding The USDA Cattle Inventory Report
8/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Establishing Guidelines for Successful Foraging
8/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

July 2006

Understanding Pregnancy Diagnosis in the Beef Herd
Featuring Dr. Anderson
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Weeds in Grass Pastures and Hay Fields
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Exploring International Meat Trade
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Heat Stress Could Become a Problem for Livestock on Kentucky Farms
Featuring Dr. Crist
Agriculture News Releases

Helping Your Livestock Beat the Heat
7/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK Animal Research Center
Featuring Dr. Bob Harmon
7/18·Extension Today: On the Air

From Pasture to Plate
7/18·Extension Today: On the Air

Beef Festival
7/18·Extension Today: On the Air

Pasture to Plate Program Helps Producers Improve Their Herds
7/17·Agriculture News Releases

Checking Livestock Ventilation and Cooling Systems
7/6·Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2006

Watching for Pink-Eye in Livestock
6/28·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Animal Research Center Opens Doors for Inaugural Field Day Activities
Featuring Dr. Harmon
6/23·Agriculture News Releases

Controlling Fly Breeding
6/21·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Festival 'Beefs Up' a Summer Weekend
6/15·Agriculture News Releases

Evaluating Changes in Beef Genetic Improvement
Dr. Bullock
6/14·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Exploring Kentucky's Hay Industry
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Making Top Quality Hay in Kentucky
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Investigating The Changes in 2006 Requirements of CPH 45
Featuring Jim Akers
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

May 2006

Bred Heifer Sales Expanding into Fall
Featuring Kevin Laurant
5/19·Agriculture News Releases

Preparing for the Beef Cattle Breeding Season
Featuring Dr. Anderson
5/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding Sustainable Agriculture
5/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Preparing Cows for Breeding Season
Featuring Dr. Johns
5/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK-Alltech Agreement
5/12·Extension Today: On the Air

Animal Research Center Field Day - June 15
5/8·Field Day at Woodford County Farm

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Benefits State's Animal Health
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

Soaring Fuel Prices Pinch Farm Profits
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

April 2006

Considering Pre-Breeding Vaccination in Your Beef Herd
4/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Musk Thistle in the Pasture
4/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Preparing Fields for Forage
4/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

4/14·Agriculture News Releases

Preparing Fields for Forage
4/13·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Seminar: The Effects of Early Weaning on Beef Cow and Calf Performance
4/10·ASC771 Seminar

March 2006

Having a Good Calf Crop
Featuring Dr. Burriss
3/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

With Good Management, Summer Grazing Programs Could Do Well in 2006
3/24·Agriculture News Releases

UK Bull Sale is April 8
Featuring Dr. Bullock

3/9·Agriculture News Releases

February 2006

Developing Patterns in the 2006 Cattle Inventory
2/20·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Master Grazing Program Offered
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips
2/15·Agriculture News Releases

Identification Requirements of Sheep and Goats Announced
Featuring Terry Hutchens
2/10·Agriculture News Releases

Feeder Calf Sale is Joint Kentucky - Tennessee Effort
Featuring Kevin Laurant
2/3·Agriculture News Releases

Producers Can Point Kentucky Beef Toward Global Market Success
2/3·Agriculture News Releases

New Program Allows KY Beef Producers to Make Cattle Ready for Export
2/3·Agriculture News Releases

January 2006

Identifying and Managing Cattle to Export Markets
1/30·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Cattle Lice
1/12 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2005

Jan. 24 Kentucky Beef Conference to Help Producers Plan Today for Tomorrow's Markets

State's Livestock Sector Enjoying Continued Strength

November 2005

Describing Certified Beef Health Program (Realplayer Required)

Controlling Lice in the Herd. (Realplayer Required)

Stretching the Hay Supply Through the Colder Months (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Johns

Maintaining Records for Beef Cattle (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Jim Akers

October 2005

Cost Control For Kentucky's Beef Operations

Master Cattleman Hands-On Field Days Popular With Participants
Featuring Roy Burris and Jerene Kunkler

Hurricanes Affect Livestock Market

Master Cattleman Hands-On Field Days Popular With Participants
Featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Burris, and Jerene Kunkler

Impacting the Livestock Market - Hurricane Katrina  (Realplayer Required)

Branching to Technology Practices in the Beef Industry
Featuring Dr. Bullock

September 2005

Symposium on Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Set for November in Lexington
Featuring Dr. Anderson

Reducing Heat Stress to Improve Fertility in Cows (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Anderson

Resuming Livestock Trade with Canada (Realplayer Required)

Stockpiling Forage for Winter Grazing (Realplayer Required)

August 2005

Live Cattle Trade with Canada Resumes

Reviewing the USDA Cattle Report (Realplayer Required)

Using Good Pasture Management (Realplayer Required)

July 2005

Dangerous Heat Wave Approaching KY
Featuring Dr. Crist

Examining the Need for Crop Feeding and Grazing (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Johns

Managing Your Cattle with Dry Weather and Drought (Realplayer Required)

Understanding  Coccidia in Young Livestock (Realplayer Required)

Managing Cattle Through Drought

Marketing CPH 45 Calves (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Jim Akers

June 2005

Multi-Agency Exercise Helps State Prepare for Potential Agro-Terrorism

Enhancing Beef Herd Productivity Through Record Keeping (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Laurentia Van Rensburg

Making Good Decisions to Reach Production Goals in Calving (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Laurentia Van Rensburg

Planning for Water Quality Testing and Management Practices  (Realplayer Required)

Preparing for National Animal Identification Systems (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Jim Akers

UK Research Looks at Value of Replacing Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue Pastures

May 2005

Premise ID Program Under Way
Featuring Jim Akers

Understanding the Benefits of Beef EPD's

Examining International Meat Trades

Making Hay in the Spring (Realplayer Required)

Managing Stock Cattle  (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Johns

Identifying Animals:  A Standard (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Kenny Burding

Identifying Johne's Disease in Farm Animals (Realplayer Required)

April 2005

East Ky Heifer Replacement Program (Quicktime Required)

Giving Vaccinations to Animals (Realplayer Required)

Managing Pasture Flies Using Oral Larvicides (Realplayer Required)

Evaluating Bull Fertility with Breeding Soundness Exams (Realplayer Required)

Reducing Horn Flies On Cattle (Realplayer Required)

Kentucky's Beef Industry Contributes To The State's Economy (Realplayer Required)

March 2005

East Kentucky Heifer Development Project Thriving

U.S. Cattle Industry Beginning to Expand

Controlling Musk Thistle Growth In Pastures (Realplayer Required)

Understanding Benefits of Pre-Conditioning Feeder Cattle (Realplayer Required)

Preparing For First Heifer Calves (Realplayer Required)

February 2005

Keeping A Lookout For Cattle Lice In Colder Temperatures (Realplayer Required)

Buying Kentucky Meat Aids Farmers and Consumers

January 2005

Resuming Live Animal Trade With Canada (Realplayer Required)

Producing High-Quality Forage Enhances Animal Performance

Understanding The Functions Of Water In Production Livestock (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Pescatore

Keeping Accurate And Complete Production And Financial Records (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Bullock

Controlling Lice On Beef And Dairy Cattle (Realplayer Required)

December 2004

Reviewing The Red Meat Trade In The U.S. (Realplayer Required)

Planning Your Winter Feeding Program (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Johns

North American International Livestock Exposition (Quicktime required)

KY Beef Conference Focuses on Planning Today for Tomorrow's Markets

Improving Methods Of Transporting Cattle (Realplayer Required)

November 2004

Beef Check-Off Referendum Set Dec. 7

Extension Service Plays Key Role In International Livestock Exposition

Examining The Future Of Beef Trading Between The U.S. And Japan  (Realplayer Required)

October 2004

Evaluating Multiple Breeds of Bulls via Genetics (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Bullock

Annual Grazing Conference Planned for October 26

Reducing Calf Stress At Weaning (Realplayer Required)



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