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Equine News Resources

News releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture News Releases.  Radio news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Radio News Releases.  Television news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Television News Releases.

April 2012

UK Club to Host Discussion with Horse Racing Professionals
Featuring Dr.
4/5·UK Ag News

March 2012

Leadership Straight from the Horse's Mouth
3/19·UK Ag News

Eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch under way early in Central Kentucky
3/2·UK Ag News

February 2012

Unique Career Fair Unites Equine Students and the Industry
Featuring Elizab
eth LaBonty
2/24·UK Ag News

UK's Equine Initiative renamed UK Ag Equine Programs
·UK Ag News

Equine Reproduction Facilities open at UK's Maine Chance Equine Campus
·UK Ag News

January 2012

Jan 31 - Pastures Please! Workshop
·UK Ag News

UK Leads Kentucky Equine Survey
3·UK Now

December 2011

UK Equine Class Assists Therapy Program
Featuring Elizabeth Labonty

·UK Ag News

Jan 20 UK Equine Showcase
Featuring Dr. Lawrence, Kristine Urschel

·UK Ag News

Jan 21 Kentucky Breeders' Short Course
Featuring Dr. Lawrence

·UK Ag News

Norm Luba named 2011 Friend of the UK Equine Initiative
·UK Ag News

Providing Adequate Water For Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman

·Agriculture Radio News


November 2011

Going Through Winter With a Healthy Horse 
Featuring Dr. Camargo

·Agriculture Radio News

UK-led Kentucky Equine Survey launches
·UK Ag News

October 2011

Improving September Equine Sales
10/2Agriculture Radio News

September 2011

Making Sure Your Horse Trailer is Safe
Featuring Amy Lawyer
9/12·Agriculture Radio News

UK lecture series presents conversation with Zenyatta owners Jerry and Ann Moss
9/12·UK Ag News

Using Alternative Ways for Fly Control
9/2·Agriculture Radio News

August 2011

Soil scientist works to preserve important part of early equine history
8/31·UK Ag News

Feeding Your Horses for the Winter
Featuring Dr. Coleman
8/19·Agriculture Radio News

Combating Flies Around Your Horses 
Featuring Dr. Camargo

8/5·Agriculture Radio News

July 2011

Registration open for Aug. 15-16 Kentucky Grazing School
7/6·UK Ag News

June 2011

Treating for Pest Flies on Livestock
6/27·Agriculture Radio News

Beginning Farmer Program
6/22·Agriculture Radio News

July 21 - Princeton All-Commodity Field Day
6/22·UK Ag News

Cutting Late Hay
6/15·Agriculture Radio News

May 2011

Grazing Network's First Pasture Walk Scheduled
5/20·UK Ag News

UK-Connected Spinoff Works to Heal Horse Injuries
5/18·UK Now

UK Equine Initiative Farm and Facilities Expo Set for June 7
5/18·UK Ag News

Planning for Summer Grazing
Featuring Dr. Coleman
5/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

April 2011

UK Club to Host Discussion with Ky Derby-Winning Professionals
Featuring Dr. Lawrence

4/21·UK Ag News

March 2011

Understanding Body Language Used by Horses
Featuring Dr. Camargo
3/21·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Ed Squires named University of Kentucky Equine Initiative Director
3/14·UK Ag News

February 2011

March 1 - Equine Career Fair to Help Students Prepare for Internships, Workforce
2/22·UK Ag News

Diagnosing Equine Infectious Anemia
Featuring Dr. Coleman

2/11·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Ky Equine Research Establishes Lawrence Fellowship at the University of Kentucky
2/1·UK Ag News

January 2011

Central Kentucky County Agents Host Annual 'Pasture Please' Workshop for Horse Owners
1/31·UK Ag News

Reviewing the Report on Agricultural outlook
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding Vaccination Labels
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Practicing Farm Safety Saves Lives
1/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Winterizing the Horse
Featuring Dr. Coleman

1/6·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2010

Overwintering Pasture Management
12/7·Agriculture Radio News Releases

November 2010

Evaluating Hay Quality and Quantity
Featuring Dr. Coleman

11/29·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Preparing Forage for a Beef Enterprise
Featuring Dr. Lehmkuhler

11/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Purchasing Hay
11/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

September 2010

Eight Ky Universities Team Up to Welcome the World During the World Equestrian Games
9/23·UK Ag News

Kentucky Equine Networking Association Hosts Inaugural Meeting

9/23·UK Ag News

Big Blue Nation can Boast its Equestrian Accomplishments Too

9/23·UK Ag News

Oct. 2: Mountain Ag & Energy Field Day

Recognizing Horse Cribbing
Featuring Dr. Camargo

9/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Feeding a Horse with Economy in Mind

Featuring Kristen Harvey

9/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK Farms Shine During World Equestrian Games
Featuring Dr. Lawrence

9/16·UK Ag News

August 2010

Feeding Hay to Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman

8/11·Agriculture Radio News Releases

July 2010

Looking at What is in Your Horses Feed
Featuring Kristen Janicki-Harvey

7/1·Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2010

Managing Your Overweight Horses
Featuring Dr. Camargo

6/3·Agriculture Radio News Releases

May 2010

June 1: UK Equine Initiative's Equine Farm & Facilities Expo
5/27·UK Ag News

April 2010

Getting Equine Health Papers Updated
Featuring Dr. Coleman
4/1Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2010

UK’s Horse Pasture Evaluation Program: An Economic Investment
·Agriculture News Releases

Black Stallion Literacy Foundation Hosting Professional Development Workshop
·Agriculture News Releases

Nina Bonnie, Ky Horse Park Creator, Speaks on April 1 at Equine Initiative Lecture
·Agriculture News Releases

Understanding Toxicity of Poison Hemlock
3/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Determining Your Horses Weight
Featuring Kristin Janicki

3/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

February 2010

UK Applied Master Grazer Program Offers Hands-On Learning
·Agriculture News Releases

Riding Horses Safely in the Winter
Featuring Dr. Camargo

2/15·Agriculture Radio News Releases

January 2010

Caring for Horses in the Winter
Featuring Dr. Coleman

1/6·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2009

Caring for Horses in the Winter
Featuring Dr. Coleman

1/6·Agriculture Radio News Releases
  • Horse College 2010
    • Feb 2 - Nutrition and Feeding
    • Feb 9 - Health
    • Feb 23 - Breeding basics and selection
    • March 2 - Facilities and Behavior
    • March 4 - Feeding Considerations
    • March 11 - Health Considerations
    • March 18 - Horseshoeing School
    • March 25 - Cost of Ownership
Determining Spring Pasture Production
12/22·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Caring for Older Horses

Featuring Kristen Janicki
12/7·UK Ag News

November 2009

UK College of Agriculture Helping Develop Fallen Stock Disposal Standards
UK Ag News

Horse Genome Publication Concludes Project Initiated in Lexington
11/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Winterizing Your Horses

Featuring Dr. Camargo
11/11·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Maine Chance Equine Campus Recognizes Supporters
11/6·Growing Kentucky

Kentucky Equine Youth Festival to Highlight 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Events

Featuring Dr. Camargo
11/5·UK Ag News

Dan Rosenberg Named 2009 Friend of the UK Equine Initiative

11/5·UK Ag News

October 2009

 Groundbreaking Ceremony for Equine Reproduction Facilities at UK's Maine Chance Equine Campus Recognizes Donors
10/29·UK Ag News

Community Organizations Rally Behind Horse Safety
10/15·UK Ag News

Regulating Feed to Your Horses

Featuring Dr. Coleman
10/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Keeneland President Nick Nicholson to speak at inaugural distinguished lecture series

10/8·UK Ag News

September 2009

Protecting Livestock from Poison Hemlock
9/21·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2009

Calculating Hay Your Horses will Need in Winter
Featuring Dr. Coleman
8/26·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK's MacLeod awarded two grants totaling $1.1 million for equine health research
Featuring Dr. Urschel
8/13·College of Agriculture News

July 2009

Equine Field Day
Featuring Dr. Rossano
7/27·Growing Kentucky

Disposing of Dead Animals

7/6·Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2009

Providing Clean Water to Your Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman
6/29·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK All Commodity Field Day returns to Princeton in July

6/24·Agriculture News Releases

Preventing Rabies in Horses
Featuring Dr. Camargo
6/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

University of Kentucky and introduce equine research news
6/4·Agriculture News Releases

May 2009

June 27 - 2009 Equine Field Day

UK 4-H Horse Program to Host Riding Seminar by Sports Biomechanics Lecturer
Featuring Dr. Camargo-Stutzman

5/6·Agriculture News Releases

 April 2009

UK Equestrian Team Wins Reserve National Championship; Rider Wins Individual Championship
Featuring Dr. Coleman

4/30·Agriculture News Releases

UK Equestrian Team to defend its national championship title
Featuring Dr. Coleman

4/23·Agriculture News Releases

Treating Horse Injuries Before the Vet Arrives
Featuring Dr. Camargo
4/3·Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2009

Equine career fair to help students prepare for internships, workforce
3/23·Agriculture News Releases

February 2009

Diagnosing Equine Infectious Anemia
Featuring Dr. Coleman
2/9 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK's Equine Initiative announces new equine lecturer, internship coordinator
Featuring Dr. Coleman
2/9·Agriculture News Releases

January 2009

Maintaining Pasture While Reducing Mud
1/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2008

November 2008

Dealing With Another Drought and Your Hay
11/14·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Weeds in Pastures After a Dry Summer
11/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

October 2008

Having a Plan for Your Horses in Case of Disaster
Featuring Dr. Camargo

10/22·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Statewide tour to introduce new UK equine faculty
10/20·Agriculture News Releases

Reviewing the 2008 U.S. Ag Economy
10/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Oct. 23: Grazing Conference

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Groundbreaking
10/6·Growing Kentucky

Hay supplies up, but not back to normal
10/6·Agriculture News Releases

Oct. 6: The Agricultural Animal Health Program, We're In This Together

September 2008

Gearing Up for Annie's Project
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2008

Equine Internship Position

Pristine' farmland not always best for water quality
8/25·Agriculture News Releases

UK, Kentucky Equine Humane Center to host pasture management seminar
8/12·Agriculture News Releases

July 2008

June 2008

May 2008

March 2008

February 2008

Vaccinating Horses in the Spring
Featuring Dr. Camargo
Agriculture Radio News Releases

Feb. 18 Seminar: Problematic Bacteria Associated with Feed Efficiency, Fescue Toxicosis and Foot Disease

Horse Genome Map
2/11·Growing Kentucky

Feb. 11 Genomics & Animal Agriculture: Special Reference to Horses

The First Class
Featuring Drs. Coleman and Rossano

·The Ag Magazine

January 2008

Controlling Wetland with Grasses
1/24·Consumer Radio News Releases

Limiting Access to Streams
1/22·Consumer Radio News Releases

Weather Forecasting Web Site Informs on Livestock Heat Stress to Cutting Hay
1/11·Growing Kentucky

2007 Farm Economy Report
1/11·Growing Kentucky

Feb. 21 Alfalfa Conference in Cave City
1/9·Agriculture News Releases

December 2007

Dec. 12 - Dr. Urschel Seminar: Protein & Amino Acid Metabolism

Making Hay Last
Featuring Dr. Coleman

12/11·Agriculture Radio News Releases

November 2007

Natural Resource Conservation Service, UK Team Up to Improve Grazing Options
11/26·Agriculture News Releases

Recovering from the 2007 Freeze and Drought 11/15·Agriculture News Releases

Measuring Hair Length in Horses
Featuring Kristen Janicki
11/08·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Determining optimal Nitrogen Application rate for Pasture
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2007

Hazardous Heat Wave Sweeping the State
Featuring Dr.
8/7·Agriculture News Releases

July 2007

New Facilities Allow Campers to Experience Horses
7/19·Agriculture News Releases

Web Site Provides Drought Information
7/19·Agriculture News Releases

Planning Now for Predicted Hay Shortage Wise despite Recent Rains
7/19·Agriculture News Releases

Managing Horses in Warm, Sunny Weather
Featuring Dr. Coleman

7/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Checking Livestock Ventilation and Cooling Systems
7/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Using Antibiotics Responsibility
7/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2007

Participating in a 4-H Competitive Trail Ride
Featuring Kristen Janicki
6/25·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Fertilizing Hay to Improve 2nd and 3rd Cutting Yields
6/25·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Rotational Grazing Programs Vital in Dry Year
6/25·Agriculture News Releases

May 2007

Lowering Your Grain Bill Even With Higher Commodity Prices
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips
5/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Increasing Corn Prices Due to Ethanol Production
5/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Little Change Seen in Livestock Sector Despite High Corn Costs
Agriculture News Releases

April 2007

UK Equestrian Coach Named AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year
Featuring Dr. Coleman

Agriculture News Releases

March 2007

Hay Supply Starting to Dwindle
3/6 ·
Agriculture News Releases

"Horses Count" in Final Weeks
Agriculture News Releases

February 2007

Having a Coggins Test
Featuring Dr. Coleman

2/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Equine Education Program
Featuring Dr. Coleman

2/12·Extension Today: On the Air

Equine Initiative
2/12·Extension Today: On the Air

Riding Horses in the Winter
2/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK College of Agriculture Chooses Equine Education Program Leader Featuring Dr. Coleman
Agriculture News Releases

UK Announces Expanded Equine Programs to Meet the Needs of Kentucky and its Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman
2/2·Agriculture News Releases

January 2007

New UK Equine Initiative Announcement
1/30·University of Kentucky Equine Initiative Press Releases & News

Making Horses Count in Kentucky
1/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

December 2006

Producing Livestock in Kentucky
12/13·Agriculture Radio News Releases

2006 Farm Cash Receipts Hit $4.1 Billion; 2007 May Go Higher
12/8·Agriculture News Releases

Livestock Sector to Slow, Higher Feed Costs a Factor
12/8·Agriculture News Releases

Making Horses Count
Featuring Dr. Coleman
12/8·Agriculture Radio News Release

Testing Your Hay to Save Money
12/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

November 2006

Dec. 1 Seminar: An In Vitro System for the Prediction of Diet DM, NDF, and ADF Digestibility in Horses

Nov. 8 - Equine Extension & Teaching Candidate Seminar

October 2006

Choosing a Horse Show Judge         
Featuring Kristen Janicki

Caring for Pastures in the Fall
10/30·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Oct. 23 - Dr. Preston Buff Seminar & Equine Extension Interview Schedule

Oct. 26 - Dr. Janice Holland Seminar & Equine Extension Inverview Schedule  

September 2006

Selecting the Best Hay For Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman
9/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Kentucky's Producers Focusing on Hay Quality
Agriculture News Releases

Replacing Endophite-Infested Tall Fescue Pastures
9/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Animal & Food Sciences Reunion - Sept. 15

Now is the Time to Stockpile Forages, Renovate Fields
Agriculture News Releases

August 2006

ilot Project Brings Horses to 4-H Camp
Agriculture News Releases

Establishing Guidelines for Successful Foraging
8/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

4-H Horse Camp
8/9·Extension Today: On the Air

Assistant Equine Extension Professor Faculty Position Announcement
8/7·Animal & Food Sciences News

Faculty Position Announcement in Equine Science
8/7·Animal & Food Sciences News

July 2006

Managing Horse Pasture in Warm Sunny Weather
Featuring Dr. Coleman
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Weeds in Grass Pastures and Hay Fields
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK Researchers Play a Role in Horse Genome Sequencing Project
Agriculture News Releases

Heat Stress Could Become a Problem for Livestock on Kentucky Farms
Featuring Dr. Crist
Agriculture News Releases

Helping Your Livestock Beat the Heat
7/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Checking Livestock Ventilation and Cooling Systems
Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2006

Insuring Safety On The Trail With Your Horse
Featuring Kristen Janicki
Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Fly Breeding
Agriculture Radio News Releases

Exploring Kentucky's Hay Industry
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Making Top Quality Hay in Kentucky
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

May 2006

Kentucky's First Fully Integrated Animal Health Surveillance System Under Way
5/26·Agriculture News Releases

Considering Proper Documentation For Horses
Featuring Bob Coleman
5/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Understanding Sustainable Agriculture
5/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Transporting Horses in the Warmer Months
5/16·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK-Alltech Agreement
5/12·Extension Today: On the Air

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Population Spotty, Manageable
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Benefits State's Animal Health
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

Soaring Fuel Prices Pinch Farm Profits
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

April 2006

Horse College Featuring Dr. Coleman
4/10·Extension Today: On the Air

Dan Rosenberg Named Executive In Residence For The UK Equine Initiative
4/10·News Releases

March 2006

Practicing Equine Safety in the Summer Featuring Kristen Janicki 3/24·Agriculture Radio News Releases

February 2006

Master Grazing Program Offered
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips 2/15·Agriculture News Releases

January 2006

Caring for Horses in the Cold Featuring Dr. Coleman 1/12 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Cattle Lice 1/12 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Horses Can Thrive in Winter with Three Important Things Featuring Dr. Coleman
1/5 ·Agriculture News Releases

December 2005

State's Livestock Sector Enjoying Continued Strength

November 2005

Nov. 15 - Seminar: Physiology of Equine Athletic Performance: Past, Present and Future Research

Nov. 10 - Seminar: What a Long, Interesting Trip It's Been - 25 Years of Research in Equine Science

Nov. 1 - Seminar: Placental Dysfunction and Pregnancy Loss in the Mare: Novel Approaches to Understanding Pathogen Progression and Prevention of Pre-Term Labor

October 2005

Horseshoeing School (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Coleman  

September 2005

David Switzer Recognized as Friend of the UK Equine Initiative

Equine Drill Team Teaches Teamwork

Selecting the Best Hay for Horses (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Coleman

Stockpiling Forage for Winter Grazing (Realplayer Required)  

August 2005

Using Good Pasture Management (Realplayer Required)

July 2005

Dangerous Heat Wave Approaching KY
Featuring Dr. Crist

UK Equine Initiative Conducting Survey of State's Horse Industry

MRLS Research (Quicktime Required)

Managing Horse Pastures in Warm, Sunny Weather (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Coleman

Ensuring Your Horses Have Clean Water Sources (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Coleman  

June 2005

Summer Heat Considerations for Horses
Featuring Dr. Coleman

Planning for Water Quality Testing and Management Practices  (Realplayer Required)

Preparing for National Animal Identification Systems (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Jim Akers

May 2005

College of Agriculture Equine Initiative Focuses Efforts Toward Advancing Horse Industry

Making Hay in the Spring (Realplayer Required)

Identifying Animals:  A Standard (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Kenny Burding

April 2005

Giving Vaccinations to Animals (Realplayer Required)

Using the Pasture as a Major Feed source for Horses (Realplayer Required)

Managing Pasture Flies Using Oral Larvicides (Realplayer Required)  

March 2005

Owners Transporting Horses Must Have Coggins Test in Tow Featuring Dr. Coleman

Testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (Realplayer Required) Featuring Dr. Coleman

Controlling Musk Thistle Growth In Pastures (Realplayer Required)

January 2005

Producing High-Quality Forage Enhances Animal Performance

Understanding The Functions Of Water In Production Livestock (Realplayer Required) Featuring Dr. Pescatore

December 2004

North American International Livestock Exposition (Quicktime required)

Analyzing A Winter Hay Supply (Realplayer Required) Featuring Dr. Coleman

November 2004

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome Research (Realplayer Required)  

October 2004

Keeping a Mare in a Productive State (Realplayer Required) Featuring Dr. Coleman

Annual Grazing Conference Planned for October 26

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