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Sheep News Resources

News releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture News Releases.  Radio news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Radio News Releases.  Television news releases are provided by the UK College of Agriculture Television News Releases.

December 2011

2012 Sheep Calendar

August 2011

Stockpiling Tall Fescue
8/11·Agriculture Radio News

July 2011

Registration open for Aug. 15-16 Kentucky Grazing School
7/6·UK Ag News

May 2011

June14 & Oct. 11 Eweprofit Schools

Grazing Network's First Pasture Walk Scheduled
5/20·UK Ag News

Kentucky's First Sheep Dairy Up and Running
Featuring Terry Hutchens

UK Ag Video Center

April 2011

Kentucky's First Sheep Dairy Up and Running
(Video for above story)
Featuring Terry Hutchens

4/18·UK Ag News

March 2011

Kentucky Grazing School Set for April 13-14
Featuring Drs. Amaral-Phillips
3/16·Animal & Food Science News

April 13-14 - Ky Grazing School

March 29 - Sheep Shearing School

February 2011

Protecting the Environment With an Animal Nutrient Management Program 
2/17·Consumer Radio News Releases

Controlling Hornflies and Faceflies on Animals
2/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Improving Pastures and Hayfields
2/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

November 2010

Jan. 18 - Lambing School

March 29 - Shearing School

April 12 - Eweprofit School III

May 19 - 42nd Annual Sheeprofit Day

June 14 - Eweprofit School I

Oct. 11 - Eweprofit School II


Jan. 15 - 2011 Ky Small Ruminant Grazing Conference

September 2010

Composting Dead Animals
9/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

May 2010

May 20: 41st Annual Sheeprofit Day

March 2010

March 30 Sheep Shearing School Registration Form
3/1·Animal & Food Science News

February 2010

UK College of Agriculture Offering Sheep Shearing School in March
Featuring Dr. Ely
·Agriculture News Releases

January 2010

Notice of the Following Events:

Jan. 19 - Lambing School

March 30 - Shearing School

April 6 - EweProfit III School

May 20 - 41st Annual Sheeprofit Day

Oct. 5 - EweProfit II School

December 2009

Small Ruminant Grazing Conference Jan. 12 in Lexington
12/2·UK Ag News

May 2009

May 21 Sheeprofit Day

March 2009

Know the Rules for Handling Animal Losses on the Farm
3/9·Agriculture News Releases

January 2009

March 31 Sheep Shearing School (Information Coming Soon)

December 2008


Small Ruminant Grazing Conference coming up in January
Featuring Dr. Aaron, Dr. Ely, and Terry Hutchens
12/1·Agriculture News Releases

November 2008

Controlling Weeds in Pastures After a Dry Summer
Agriculture Radio News Releases

October 2008

Oct. 6: The Agricultural Animal Health Program, We're In This Together

September 2008

Improvements to enhance UK's Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center
9/22·Agriculture News Releases

Issues Facing Kentucky's Livestock Industry
9/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Water Quality Plan
9/11·Growing Kentucky

Researchers look for ways to increase pasture productivity
9/11·Agriculture News Releases

Maintaining Pasture or Hay Fields
9/9·Agriculture News Releases

Gearing Up for Annie's Project
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2008

Pristine' farmland not always best for water quality
8/25·Agriculture News Releases

July 2008

June 2008

May 2008

May 22 Sheeprofit Day at UK ARC - Versailles, Ky

Livestock Rescue Video
5/8·Growing Kentucky

April 2008

Relief for Farmers
Growing Kentucky

UK hosts All East Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Contest
Featuring Dr. Jackson

4/22·Agriculture News Releases

March 2008

Knowing the Future of Hay Prices
Agriculture Radio News Releases

Indexing Changes in the Meat and Grain Industry
Agriculture Radio News Releases

Farmers Need to Make Hay in 2008
3/17·Agriculture News Releases

February 2008

Feb. 18 Seminar: Problematic Bacteria Associated with Feed Efficiency, Fescue Toxicosis and Foot Disease

January 2008

Controlling Wetland with Grasses
1/24·Consumer Radio News Releases

Limiting Access to Streams
1/22·Consumer Radio News Releases

Weather Forecasting Web Site Informs on Livestock Heat Stress to Cutting Hay
1/11·Growing Kentucky

Feb. 21 Alfalfa Conference in Cave City
1/9·Agriculture News Releases

December 2007

Jan. 22 - 2008 Lambing School

November 2007

Natural Resource Conservation Service, UK Team Up to Improve Grazing Options
11/26·Agriculture News Releases

Recovering from the 2007 Freeze and Drought
11/15·Agriculture News Releases

Preparing for Next Years Forage Growth
11/08·Agriculture Radio News Releases

October 2007

Reduce Losses When Feeding Hay
10/22·Agriculture News Releases

Kentucky Grazing Conference Coming in October
10/1·Agriculture News Releases

September 2007

Increasing Mycotoxin Risks with Drought
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Determining optimal Nitrogen Application rate for Pasture
9/4·Agriculture Radio News Releases

August 2007

Hazardous Heat Wave Sweeping the State
Featuring Dr.
8/7·Agriculture News Releases

May 2007

Lowering Your Grain Bill Even With Higher Commodity Prices
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips
5/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Increasing Corn Prices Due to Ethanol Production
5/10·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Little Change Seen in Livestock Sector Despite High Corn Costs
Agriculture News Releases

March 2007

Summer Grazing Tour - June 14

New Publication: AGR-190 Chicory: An Alternative Livestock Forage
3/21·Agriculture Communication Services

Hay Supply Starting to Dwindle
3/6 ·
Agriculture News Releases

December 2006

January 17 - Lambing School

April 3 - Eweprofit III

April 19, 20 - Shearing School

May 24 - Sheeprofit School

June 13 - Eweprofit I

October 9 - Eweprofit II

University of Kentucky Lambing School Set for January 17, 2007
Featuring Dr. Ely

12/22·Animal & Food Sciences News

Producing Livestock in Kentucky
12/13·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Livestock Sector to Slow, Higher Feed Costs a Factor
12/8·Agriculture News Releases

Testing Your Hay to Save Money
12/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Treating Black Leg Disease
12/1 ·Agriculture Radio News Releases

October 2006

Caring for Pastures in the Fall
9/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases


September 2006

9/25 Seminar: Homeland Security from Farm to Fork
ASC771 Seminar

Kentucky's Producers Focusing on Hay Quality
Agriculture News Releases

Replacing Endophite-Infested Tall Fescue Pastures
9/8·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Animal & Food Sciences Reunion - Sept. 15

Now is the Time to Stockpile Forages, Renovate Fields
9/5·Agriculture News Releases

August 2006

Establishing Guidelines for Successful Foraging
8/9·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Kentucky, Indiana to Offer Sheep and Goat Forage Workshop Aug. 29
Featuring Terry Hutchens
Agriculture News Releases

July 2006

Controlling Weeds in Grass Pastures and Hay Fields
7/31·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Heat Stress Could Become a Problem for Livestock on Kentucky Farms
Featuring Dr. Crist
Agriculture News Releases

Helping Your Livestock Beat the Heat
7/18·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK Animal Research Center
Featuring Dr. Bob Harmon
7/18·Extension Today: On the Air

Checking Livestock Ventilation and Cooling Systems
Agriculture Radio News Releases

June 2006

Animal Research Center Opens Doors for Inaugural Field Day Activities
Featuring Dr. Harmon
6/23·Agriculture News Releases

Sheep Producers Flock to Sheeprofit Day
Drs. Ely and Aaron
6/12·Agriculture News Releases

Exploring Kentucky's Hay Industry
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Making Top Quality Hay in Kentucky
6/12·Agriculture Radio News Releases

May 2006

Kentucky's First Fully Integrated Animal Health Surveillance System Under Way
5/26·Agriculture News Releases

Understanding Sustainable Agriculture
5/19·Agriculture Radio News Releases

UK-Alltech Agreement
5/12·Extension Today: On the Air

Animal Research Center Field Day - June 15
5/8·Field Day at Woodford County Farm

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Benefits State's Animal Health
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

Soaring Fuel Prices Pinch Farm Profits
5/4·Agriculture News Releases

Recent Changes in State Requirements for Identification of Kentucky Goat and Sheep
Featuring Dr. Pescatore
5/3·Animal & Food Sciences Department

2006 Sheeprofit Day - May 25
5/3·Animal & Food Science News

April 2006

Providing an Adequate Amount of Forage Through Grazing
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips
4/28·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Controlling Musk Thistle in the Pasture
4/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

Preparing Fields for Forage
4/17·Agriculture Radio News Releases

4/1Agriculture News Releases

Preparing Fields for Forage
4/13·Agriculture Radio News Releases

March 2006

UK's Eweprofit Schools Set to Begin April 4
Featuring Dr. Ely
3/17·Agriculture News Releases

February 2006

2006 Eweprofits School - April 4, June 7, Oct. 11

2006 Sheep Shearing School

Master Grazing Program Offered
Featuring Dr. Amaral-Phillips
2/15·Agriculture News Releases

Identification Requirements of Sheep and Goats Announced
Featuring Terry Hutchens
2/10·Agriculture News Releases

January 2005

Lambing School Set for Jan. 18
Featuring Dr. Ely

December 2005

State's Livestock Sector Enjoying Continued Strength

September 2005

Stockpiling Forage for Winter Grazing (Realplayer Required)

August 2005

Using Good Pasture Management (Realplayer Required)

July 2005

Dangerous Heat Wave Approaching KY
Featuring Dr. Crist

UK to Team with Purdue to Offer Meat Goat and Sheep Workshop
Featuring Terry Hutchens

Understanding  Coccidia in Young Livestock (Realplayer Required)

June 2005

Planning for Water Quality Testing and Management Practices  (Realplayer Required)

Preparing for National Animal Identification Systems (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Jim Akers

May 2005

Examining International Meat Trades (Realplayer Required)

Making Hay in the Spring (Realplayer Required)

May 26 Sheeprofit Day
Featuring Dr. Ely

Identifying Animals:  A Standard (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Kenny Burding

April 2005

Giving Vaccinations to Animals (Realplayer Required)

Managing Pasture Flies Using Oral Larvicides (Realplayer Required)

March 2005

Controlling Musk Thistle Growth In Pastures (Realplayer Required)

January 2005

Producing High-Quality Forage Enhances Animal Performance

Understanding The Functions Of Water In Production Livestock (Realplayer Required)
Featuring Dr. Pescatore

Sheep Farming (Quicktime required)

December 2004

North American International Livestock Exposition (Quicktime required)

Annual Winter Lambing School Set for January 25
Featuring Dr. Ely

November 2004

Extension Service Plays Key Role In International Livestock Exposition

October 2004

Annual Grazing Conference Planned for October 26


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