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Bio/Ag Security

Biosecurity Links at USDA  
Protecting Our Livestock and Poultry Industries: Biosecurity Tips
Disease Prevention Guidelines for U.S.Livestock Shows, Agricultural Fairs,and Other Agriculture-RelatedEvents

Biosecurity Factsheets 
Disinfection in On Farm Biosecurity Practices (Ohio State)
Biosecurity For Youth Livestock Exhibitors (Ohio State)
On Farm Biosecurity: Traffic Control and Sanitation (Ohio State)
Biosecurity Fundamentals For Extension Personnel (Ohio State)
Biosecurity on Dairies (BAMN)
An Introduction To Infectious Disease Control On Farms (BAMN)
Biosecurity of Dairy Farm Feedstuffs (BAMN)

Links To Information on Farm Biosecurity
New York State Information on Biosecurity
Information on Zoonotic Diseases From The AVMA
National Biosecurity Resource Center For Animal Health Emergencies
Penn State Uninversity Veterinary Sciences Biosecurity Information 
Risk of Agriterrorism
New Zealand Biosecurity Magazine
National Biosecurity Resource Center for Animal Health Emergencies

Home Security On-line Resources

Additional Information on Biosecurity
Biosecurity Starts With Your Feet
(Michigan State University Extention)

Anthrax in Minnesota: Flooding can contaminate cattle and sheep -- Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine


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