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Dr. Bryan Hains

Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education

Program Chair; Graduate Coordinator
507 Garrigus Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0215
Phone: 859-257-7578
Fax: 859-257-1164
E-mail: bryan.hains@uky.edu
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Ph.D.  (2007)  – Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue University - Concentration: Agricultural Education
M.Ag. (2001) - Integrated Resource Management/Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Colorado State University
B.S. (1999) - Agricultural Education, Colorado State University

Career Experience

University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor - 2007 to present
Purdue University, Graduate Assistant - 2004 to 2007
Western High School, Russiaville, Indiana, Agricultural Education Instructor - 2001 to 2004
Curriculum Design/Interim Coordinator, Western Center for Integrated Resource Management, Colorado State University - 1999 to 2001

Courses Teaching/Taught at the University of Kentucky

CLD 775 (Community Development in Scotland: A Learning Journey)
AED/FCS 779 (Schools, Community and Society)
AED/FCS 670 (Advanced Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education)
AED 592 (Teaching Experience in Career and Technical Education)
AED/FCS 586 (Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education)
AED/FCS 580 (Foundations of Career and Technical Education)
CLD 495 (Cultural and Agrarian Experiential Learning in Agricultural Education)
AED 362 (Field Experience in Agricultural Education)

AED 371 (Advising Youth Organizations)

Research Interests

I am interested in the biological and emotional aspects of student learning and pedagogical practices which influence heightened cognition.

Research Journal Articles

*Jenkins III, C. C., Kitchel, T. & Hains, B. J. (2010). Defining Agricultural Education
Instructional Quality. Journal of Agricultural Education, (51)3, 53-64.

Hains, B. J. & *Wilkinson, B. N. (Revised and Resubmitted). Student-Centered Course Design: Empowering Students to Become Self-Directed Learners. Journal of Experiential
Education. (October, 2010).

*Wilkinson, B. N. & Hains, B. J. (Revised and Resubmitted). Examining administrator’s
disciplinary philosophies: A conceptual model.  Education Administration Quarterly.
 (December, 2010).

*Graduate Student Authorship

Research Presentations


Ricketts, K. G., Hains, B. J., Hustedde, R. J. (2009). “Community leaders of tomorrow? Providing a unique frame for international student leadership development.” International Leadership Association Conference (poster presentation). Prague, Czech Republic. (November)

Hains, B. J. & *Wilkinson, B. N. (2009). “Emotional Connections: A Student Centered Approach to Experiential Education.” International Mind, Brain, Education Society biennial conference (poster presentation). Philadelphia, PA. (June)


*Wilkinson, B. N. & Hains, B.J. (2010). “The Philosophy and Facilitation of Disciplinary Measures in Secondary Schools: Perspectives from Administrators.” Annual American Educational Research Association Conference. (May).

*Graduate Student Presenter

Hains, B. J. (2008). “Downshifting: A Bioevolutionary Process in Agricultural Education.”
American Association of Agricultural Educators National Research Presentation.  Reno, N.V. (May).


Hains, B. J. (2007). “Downshifting: A Biological Phenomenon in Career and Technical Education.” Kentucky Career and Technical Education Conference. Lexington, KY. (February).

Peer Reviewed Teaching Articles

Hains, B. J., Hains, D.R. & Balschweid, M. A. (2005) Certified cultured beef: Raising beef
without the cow. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. http://www.sciencecases.org/cultured_beef/cultured_beef.asp

Editor Reviewed Articles

Hains, B. J. (2008). Career and technical education: Opportunities for downshifting?
The.MBE.Pons, 3(1), 6-7. [The.MBE.Pons is published twice yearly by the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society.]

Hains, B. J., & Talbert, B. A. (2006). Careers in agriculture: Are there any? The
Agricultural Education Magazine, 78(5), 16-17. [The Agricultural Education Magazine has an average acceptance rate of 95% and a circulation of approximately 4,200.]

International  Government Reports

Hains, B. J., Lawrence, A. C., & Riley, B. J. (2010). 21st century crofting: A model for
community development? A case study on the Isle of Jura. Highlands and Islands
Enterprise, Inverness, Scotland.

Awards and Honors

University of Kentucky Provost Teaching Award, Non-tenured Division; Department of Community and Leadership Development - 2010.

Membership in Professional Organizations

American Association of Agricultural Educators (AAAE) 
International Mind, Brain, and Education Society (IMBES

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

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