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Dr. Seungahn Nah
Community & Leadership Development
514 Garrigus Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0215
Phone: 859-257-1509

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Community Communications Interest Group (CCIG)

Founded in Fall 2006, the Community Communications Interest Group (CCIG) is a research collaborative which is embedded in the Department of Community and Leadership Development of the University of Kentucky. The CCIG focuses on the roles of communications in communities, particularly shedding light on democratic roles of media in civil society contexts. The CCIG takes multiple theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches at the multiple levels from multidisciplinary fields which include but are not limited to communication and media studies, journalism, sociology, political science, and psychology. Currently, the group has two projects going on: 1) Online Community Journalism and Civic Engagement Project, 2) The Kentucky Citizen Media Project (KCMP): The Lexington Commmons, and 3) Citizen Journalism, Community, and Democracy Project.