The E-Discovery Challenge initiative, generously funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission, provides training and incentives   to elementary and middle school teachers. E-Discovery curriculum is incorporated into classroom instruction for students to develop entrepreneurial talent and create businesses  in teams.


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About E-Discovery - How it works


Teachers assign teams of three to five students to work together and make decisions to create products or services.  Students develop a 30-second elevator pitch which explains their product/service.  A community component is included in the process as students complete their market research in the community to determine if their ideas are appealing to others.  After talking to people and getting feedback, some of the teams may change their ideas two or three times based on their market research.  This is a step many businesses fail to include in their plan and experience failure because they have not been in touch with potential customers from the early stages of developing their business.


Students use skills they learn in multiple disciplines from daily classroom instruction along with the entrepreneurial concepts and skills which in turn can be used to create an actual business.  Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset so that they will have a greater understanding of how to develop a business and how it impacts the economy.


E-Discovery Challenge engages students and provides them an opportunity to work as a team.  Students have access to seed money for development of their business idea.  They conduct market research, develop an advertising strategy and have the experience of actually selling their product or service.  After repaying their loan, students are able to split the profits that they made in their business venture.


E-Discovery teachers have the resources and training necessary to include entrepreneurial instruction into the classroom each year making it a sustainable initiative.