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What is CFLD?

The Center for Leadership Development (CFLD) builds leadership capacity in Kentucky through research, education, networks of leadership partners and services.  Based in the Department of Community and Leadership Development, the Center serves as a hub for research, training and programs engaging youth, adults and community-based organizations.

Vision - We envision a Commonwealth where citizens recognize and develop their leadership potential thus creating engaged and empowered communities and partnerships through nationally recognized research and educational programs.

Mission - The mission for the Center for Leadership Development is to build leadership capacity in Kentucky through research, educational opportunities, networks of leadership partners, services and leadership resources.

Program and Activities - The core functions/programs of the CFLD will be to build and sustain leadership capacity throughout the state through programs, research, and activities that cultivate and enhance affiliations, partnerships, leadership networks and the ability to “grow our own” leaders by:

  • Establishing affiliations with individuals, universities and state institutions with leadership training mandates;

  • Building partnerships and working with partners whenever possible to build capacity and provide programs;

  • Building capacity within programs for immediate and ongoing networking;

  • Facilitating networking among those interested in leadership development;

  • Providing mutual support exchanges with other Kentucky leadership development programs;

  • Providing “train the trainer” opportunities for program  participants to take skills back to their localities and life situations, and;

  • Seeking and building a network of affiliated programs.

These core functions distinguish the Center as a communication hub where linkages with other programs, networking, and building affiliations will be key to addressing  the needs of a range of constituencies and in building  leadership capacity overall.

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What is CFLD?





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