Ric Bessin
Department of Entomology
University of Kentucky

Academic credentials:

Ph.D., Entomology, LSU 1990
M.Ap.Stat., Experimental Statistics, LSU 1989
B.S., University of California, Pest Management, 1981

Contact information

Ric Bessin
Department of Entomology
S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0091

Extension Program

My extension responsibilities are to provide extension specialists, county agents, farmers, agribusiness and industry clientele with practical and understandable insect management recommendations, decision guidelines, and information regarding the identification, biology and management of pest and beneficial arthropods affecting field, vegetable and fruit crops in Kentucky. My efforts are in support of the Kentucky Integrated Pest Management Program.

Currently, my applied research addresses the economic, pest management, and ecological issues surrounding the deployment of transgenic corn in Kentucky. In addition, studying issues related to expansion of corn acreage under conservation tillage, particularly as related to management of black cutworm, white grubs and corn rootworm. Working with producers, I'm evaluating IPM decision guidelines for sweet corn, pepper, pumpkin and cabbage insect pests. For the past several years, I've been looking at the use of paper and wax bags as an alternative to chemical sprays to protect apple fruit throughout the season against insectand disease pests. This may have practical uses for home and organic fruit producers.

Graduate Student Research

  • Kerry Kirk
          Investigating the effect of transgenic, Bt-corn pollen on the development of greater wax moth larvae.


  • Saad al-Kathani
          Measuring the fitness and survival of queen honey bees exposed to extreme temperatures during pupal development.

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