Michael F. Potter
Extension Professor, Department of Entomology
University of Kentucky

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1982

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Michael F. Potter
Department of Entomology
S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0091
Phone: (859) 257-2398
E-mail: mpotter@uky.edu

Helping a homeowner
Much time is spent helping clients with their insect problems
(Mike Potter on the left).

Extension Program

The mission of the urban entomology extension program at the University of Kentucky is to protect the health, food, property and quality of life of the public. The program provides cutting-edge information, training and assistance to millions of citizens, businesses, institutions and government agencies worldwide. cockroach on a muffin
Some household insects are merely a nuisance, while others contaminate food and threaten our health.

In addition to helping householders with their pest problems, we assist hospitals, hotels, restaurants, food processing and manufacturing plants, retail stores, office buildings, schools, municipalities, museums, parks, and zoos. On-site pest management inspections are often made to assess problems and prescribe solutions.

Pest Control Short Course
The University of Kentucky Pest Control Short Course is attended annually by about 400 industry professionals.
A great deal of consultation and training are provided to the professional pest control industry. Annually, the Department hosts the University of Kentucky Pest Control Short Course, recognized internationally as one of the finest and most important training events in the pest control industry.
some popular University of Kentucky Entomology publications
"Entfact" publications provide cutting-edge
information on household pests.
Useful, "solution-oriented" information on all major urban pests (termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, wasps, etc.) can be accessed through our departmental home page (the Entfacts and Kentucky Pest News sections are particularly relevant).

The urban entomology extension program is a frequent resource for news organizations, including the Associated Press, The New York Times, Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Health & You, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Report, Today's Homeowner, This Old House Magazine, ABC News and Primetime Live.

Applied Research Program

termites marked with red dye
Pigmented dye commonly fed to subterranean termites to
estimate their foraging territory
Much of our applied research has involved subterranean termites, and the evaluation of new and emerging control strategies. Ongoing field studies assess the impacts of bait and "barrier"-type applications on termite foraging populations, and the ability of treatments to protect structures from infestation.

Extensive householder surveys have been conducted to assess people's perceptions and attitudes toward pests, pesticides, and pest control practices. The findings have been of great interest to the structural pest control industry, as well as regulatory and consumer protection agencies.

Selected Publications

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