University of Kentucky -- College of Agriculture -- Department of Entomology

Livestock Insects Calendar for Kentucky

This table shows

Please note:


- or * indicates insect populations likely to be present

* indicates peak population levels likely

Multiple peaks indicate the particular insect species produces more than one generation per year.

Pest Activity Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Face flies..---************--.
Horn flies..---************--.
Cattle lice****--....---**
Stable flies.--***********---..
House flies.--*************-------.
Horse flies.--******----******---.
Black flies--*****---.....
Cattle grubs (adults)---****************--..
Horse bots (adults)..--********************
Northern fowl mites**--------------.-------**
Hog lice********--------..--------
Sheep bots (adults)----********-..-****

Cooperative Extension Service: University of Kentucky, Kentucky State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Kentucky Counties, cooperating