Azalea (Rhododendron)

Azalea Lace Bug Damage

heavily damaged azalea leaf
Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky
"Bleached" azalea leaf (upper surface) from intense lace bug feeding. Spider mites cause similar symptoms but webbing would be present on the leaves.

Light lace bug feeding damage
Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky
Signs of light lace bug feeding on upper leaf surface. Dark waste spots and eggs are visible on lower leaf surface.

Tarry waste spots secreted by lace bugs
Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky
Tarry waste spots excreted by lace bugs

Range of infested leaves on one branch
Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky
Note the range in infested leaves on this azalea shoot. Spotting varies with numbers of nymphs and adults feeding on leaves. Dark green leaves have few or no bugs.


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