Leucothoe (Leucothoe)

Sap Feeders

Andromeda lace bug
Forest and Kim Starr, Starr Environmental, Bugwood.org
Like all lace bugs, Andromeda lace bug adults have a distinct appearance and look like an old lace doily that has six orangish legs. They are about 1/8 inch long and a mixture of black and white. Adults and nymphs both feed on the undersides of leaves. They suck plant juices, inducing leaf curling and stippling. They also produce noticeable frass that looks like someone has dripped motor oil on leaf undersides. There can be 3-4 generations per year with peak activity from May-September.

Southern red mite
Tracy Wootten, University of Delaware, Bugwood.org
Southern red mite is a cool season mite that can have population peaks in months where the average daily temperature is less than 85°F. They suck juices from leaves in spring and fall, with damage often becoming the most apparent in the heat of the summer. Early on though, damage will appear like stippling on the leaves with the leaf eventually turning grey or brown and falling from the plant. The mites are quite small but if you knock plant leaves over white paper you will notice tiny red dots moving.


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