Pyracantha (Pyracantha)

Leaf Feeders

Leaf crumpler larva
Copyright © 2018 John van der Linden,, used with permission
The Leaf crumpler larva is around an inch long, with a green-grey color with purple markings at each segment. The adult is a small moth with brown and white stripes along its wings. The caterpillars build web tubes on twigs which incorporate leaf fragments as they feed. The tube can be 1.5-2 inches long by the time the caterpillar is mature. Damage and nests are at their peak in July and August.

Sap Feeders

European fruit lecanium scale
Raymond Gill, California Department of Food and Agriculture,
European fruit lecanium is a soft scale that can cause curled, yellowed foliage that may drop prematurely and may kill smaller branches that are heavily infested. This scale produces large amounts of liquid waste (honeydew) that is attractive to flies, bees, and wasps, and supports the growth of sooty mold.


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