Entomology Organizations

Entomology Organizations

Kentucky Beekeepers Association--KBA is open to professional and hobby beekeepers as well as anyone else interested in honey bees. KBA has many local chapters that hold their own meetings. Most youths in KBA are included in family memberships, but individual youth membership is accepted. Youth activities sponsored or promoted by the association include selection of state honey queen and participation in local and state honey shows. For information on joining KBA, write to Tom Webster, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY 40601.

Kentucky Lepidopterists' Society--KLS is open to youths and adults interested in collecting and studying moths and butterflies.* For information on KLS activities and enrollment, write to Dr. Charles Coveli, Department of Biology, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.

Xerces Society--Named for an extinct blue butterfly from California, the Xerces Society was formed for the protection and conservation of butterflies as well as other insects and arthropods. For more information, contact Xerces Society, 10 Southwest Ash Street, Portland, OR 97204.

Young Entomologist's Society--YES is a reorganization of Teen International Entomology Group (TIEG) under new sponsorship. YES publishes a quarterly magazine that in- cludes articles of special interest to young entomologists. Most of the articles are submitted by YES youth members. Members may submit "advertisements" for correspondence or specimen trading in their special areas of interest. For infor- mation on joining YES, write to Young Entomologist's Society, c/o Department of Entomology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1115.

*Every July, they take a survey of butterflies present in Kentucky