Answers to Insects & Thier Relatives Exercise

Here's how the Class Insecta in the drawing can be recognized as insects:

F. Has six legs and wings (wings may not be obvious in the drawing)

I. Wingless, but has three body regions and three pairs of legs.

K. Three body regions and obviously winged (one pair of legs not visible in the drawing.)

M. Three body regions, obvious wings, and three pairs of legs.

N. Three pairs of legs.

All the other arthropods shown have too many legs to be insects. They are:

A. Centipede (Class Chilopoda)

B. Millipede (Class Diplopoda)

C. Sowbug (Class Crustacca)

D. Crab (Class Crustacea)

E. Scorpion (Class Arachnida)

G. Crayfish (Class Crustacea)

H. Tick (Class Arachnida)

J. Spider (Class Arachnida)

L. Daddy-Long Legs (Class Arachnida)

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