Exhibiting your Collection

Exibiting Your Collection

  1. All exhibits are to be standard size--18" x 24"-- and not more than 3 1/2 " thick with plexiglass cover and cellotex-type false pinning bottoms. Entomology boxes ordered through the State 4-H office as indicated in "Storing and Displaying Your Collection" will also be acceptable.
  2. Specimens are to be arranged so the box can be exhibited horizontally.
  3. Identification labels available from your county Extension office must be used. Follow instructions for pinning and labeling included in this Unit.
  4. Use insect pins for pinning insects.
  5. Use the 4-H Entomology identification labels.
  6. The first-year project consists of one box with a minimum of 25 insects from at least four orders. Identification beyond the order is not necessary. All specimens must have the date-locality label.