Storing and displaying your collection

Storing and Displaying Your Collection

After you have pinned and labeled your insects, keep them in a safe place (such as a cigar box, covered shoe box, or insect box from a hobby store) where they will not get broken or eaten by carpet beetles. Placing moth balls in the insect boxes will also help repel carpet beetles. See the Optional Activities of this unit for instructions on how to make your own storage box.

If you enter your collection in the display competition at fairs, you will have to use a regulation display box. A cardboard display box acceptable for exhibiting at fairs can be purchased by writing to:

Entomology Department
S-225 Agricultural Science Building, North
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0091.

Your 4-H project leader or county Extension agent can tell you the price. Checks for these boxes should be made payable to "Friends of Kentucky 4-H."