Giving Entomology Talks & Demonstrations

Giving Entomology Talks and Demonstrations

Now that you have learned more about how insects develop and grow and have improved your collecting, pinning and displaying of insects, you should share your knowledge with others. You can do this by giving a talk or a demonstration to other 4-H members or other interested groups.

Some suggestions for talks and demonstrations include:

A trip to your school library or public library will help you collect information for your presentation. Besides the books listed in the Unit I project, the following books may also be helpful:

Insects. Yearbook of Agriculture. 1952

Farb, Peter and the editors of Life. The Insects. Time, Inc., Life Nature Library

Scheibner, R. and L. H. Townsend. Beginning Beekeeping for Kentuckians. Lexington: UK publication ENT-41, UK Cooperative Extension Service.

Sterling, D. Insects and the Homes They Build. Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Co.