This chart illustrates examples of the four types of metamorphosis and lists the orders of insects that are included in each metamorphosis type. Complete the exercise that follows the chart.

Metamorphosis of Various Insects

Examples Orders
Silverfish Collembola
Springtail Collembola
Chewing Lice Mallophaga
Sucking Lice Anoplura

Examples Orders
Grasshoppers Orthoptera
Termites Isoptera
Booklice Psocoptera (Corrodentia)
Thrips Thysanoptera
True Bugs Hemiptera
Aphids Homoptera
Earwigs Dermaptera

Examples Orders
Mayflies Ephemeroptera
Dragonflies Odonata
Stoneflies Plecoptera

Examples Orders
Lacewing Neuroptera
Beetles Coleoptera
Scorpionfly Mecoptera
Coddisfly Trichoptera
Moths, Butterflies Lepidoptera
Flies Diptera
Fleas Siphonaptera
Wasps, Bees Hymenoptera

Name the stage during which growth takes place for each of the types of metamorphosis:

Type of Metamorphosis


1. Without Metamorphosis ?
2. Gradual Metamorphosis ?
3. Incomplete Metamorphosis ?
4. Complete Metamorphosis ?

Answers to this table.