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Compiled by Rudy Scheibner
Extension Specialist


Big fleas have little fleas
Upon their back to bite 'em
And little fleas have lesser fleas
And so ad infinitum.

God in his wisdom
Made the fly
And then forgot
To tell us why
--Ogden Nash

One night a little firefly
Was looking at a star
And said, but no one heard him,
"I wonder who you are."
Then looking for adventure
And brave as he could be
He lit his little lantern
And flew away to see.
--R.A. Scheibner

The June bug hath a gaudy wing,
The lightning bug a flame,
The bed bug hath no wings at all
But he gets there just the same.

Folk Sayings...

Dogs have fleas in order to keep them
from thinking about being dogs.

The fatter the flea, the leaner the dog.

Nothing should be done in a hurry
except catching fleas.

Last updated: 20 January 1999

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