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Mystery Picture #20

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This bag is created by an insect known as the Bagworm. The larva builds a portable bag with bits of leaves and twigs, and will eventually pupate in the bag. The female is wingless and often has no legs, antennae, or eyes. She lays her eggs inside the bag and usually does not leave it until after the eggs are laid. Males are black or smoky in color with clear or thinly scaled wings. These insects are typically found on evergreen trees.


The Stonefly is often seen during the cold winter months. It is a poor flier and is seldom seen far from rivers and streams. The young of this insect, known as nymphs, are aquatic. They live under water and may feed on plants or may be predaceous. When the nymphs mature, they crawl out of the water onto a stone or other object and molt into adults. Adults feed on various plant material or may not feed at all.

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