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Mystery Picture #45

Mystery Picture #45

R. Bessin,
University of Kentucky
J.R. Adams,
used with permission
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Pillbug, sowbug, roly-poly...these are just a few of the common names for these insect relatives. Many species will roll up in a ball when they are touched. They are found under rocks or logs and near moist areas feeding on plant material. These Isopods are nearer related to crabs and lobsters than to insects.

To learn more about these interesting creatures, see EntFact 439 - Sowbugs and Pillbugs.


Hummingbird moths are strong flyers and fly with a rapid wing beat. They are active usually at dusk or twilight, feeding much like the bird that hovers in front of flowers with its long tongue collecting nectar. In fact some are about the same size as their bird counterpart.

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