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University of Kentucky, Department of Animal & Food Sciences, FSC 535

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (, most food products can be found in Section 21: parts 100-169 and Section 9: parts 200-319.

Food Science and Technology Abstracts
SciFinder Scholar online scientific database (you must register with a UK e-mail address) (

United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory (A searchable database for the typical composition of food products( Select food composition.

The Institute of Food Technologists

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry online.

The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory Oxford University Chemical and Other Safety Information

The basics of NMR

Principles of NMR

Links to Instructional Chemistry

Smell Database

Food, Beverage and Flavor Links

Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resources

Chemical Databases and Instructional Materials

Products for Peptide Analyses

NIST Analytical Chemistry Databases