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The objective of the Alfalfa Information X-Change is to consolidate and organize on-line resources for alfalfa production and utilization.  This site is part of a USDA-NIFA project focusing on the production of high quality alfalfa hay for export from the humid eastern United States.

Alfalfa The Queen of Forage Crops, University of Kentucky 

Alfalfa Germination and Growth, NAFA and UW Extension

Establishing Alfalfa for Forage, University of Arkansas

Key Practices for Alfalfa Stand Establishment, UC Davis 

Forage Establishment: Getting Off to a Good Start, Virginia Tech



Variety Information

Alfalfa Variety Ratings, 2017, NAFA                 

Forage Variety Trials, University of Kentucky

Ohio Crop Performance Trials, The Ohio State University 

Forage Variety Trials, Penn State

Forage Variety Trial Results, University of Wisconsin

Forage Variety Testing, Michigan State University

Forage yield Trials, Cornell University  

Alfalfa Analyst, NAFA                                               

Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Alfalfa, Purdue University

Alfalfa Fertilization, University of Wisconsin    

Fertilizer Management in Alfalfa, University of Kentucky

Fertilizing Alfalfa, Penn State         

Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Alfalfa, Purdue, OSU, MSU                         

Soil Test Recommendations for Virginia, Virginia Tech

Soil Testing: Alfalfa Group, Penn State                         

Harvesting and Utilization

Understanding Forage Quality

Harvest Management of Alfalfa, Penn State 

Harvesting Alfalfa Hay, University of Arkansas 

Harvest Schedule for First Cutting Alfalfa, Michigan State University


Grazing Alfalfa in Pennsylvania, Penn State

Grazing Alfalfa, University of Kentucky



Alfalfa Analyst, NAFA                   



Alfalfa Analyst, NAFA                   


Assessing Stands

Alfalfa stand assessment: Is this stand good enough to keep?  University of Wisconsin                                                      (YouTube video)

Alfalfa stand assessment: Is this stand good enough to keep?  University of Wisconsin                       


Marketing and Economics

Alfalfa for Profit, NAFA                 

Alfalfa: The High Quality Hay for Horses, NAFA

Hay Reports, USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service

Ohio Enterprise Budgets, OSU                   

Alfalfa Budgets, Texas A & M AGRILIFE Extension

Alfalfa Establishment and Production Budgets, PSU

Management Guides

Alfalfa Management Guide, ASA, CSSA, SSSA, Madison, WI

Growing Alfalfa in the South, NAFA, St Paul, MN



Alfalfa, Wildlife and the Environment: The Importance and Benefits of Alfalfa in the 21st Century, NAFA                

Gene Flow in Alfalfa: Biology, Mitigation, and Potential Impact on Production, CAST

Alfalfa and Forage Resources  

National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance

American Forage and Grassland Council

USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service

International Plant Nutrition Institute

Team Forage: Alfalfa, University of Wisconsin-Extension 





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