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S. Ray Smith

Dept. of Agronomy
N-222E Agricultural Science Building - North
Lexington, KY 40546-0091

(859) 257-3358



Garry D. Lacefield

Professor Emeritus

University of Kentucky

832 Hardwood Drive

Bowling Green, KY  42104



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Ten Great Reasons for Growing Clover  
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Forage & Other Uses - In-Service Training 6-14-2012  
     1)  Establishment Review - Dr. Pat Keyser  
     2)  Forage Systems & Management - Dr. Gary Bates  
     3)  Wildlife Issues - Dr. Elizabeth Doxon  
     4)  Nutritional Considerations and Herd Management - Dr. John Waller  
     5)  Switchgrass Production for Electricity Generation - Tom Keene  
     6)  Switchgrass Quality for Beef Steers - David Davids  
     7)  UTBI:  An Update on Progress & Future Plans - Sam Jackson  
     8)  Overview of Native Grass Forage Research Projects - Pat Keyser  
Forage Regrowth Videos and Powerpoints  
     1)  How Grass Grows VT Model 1   (.ppt)  
     2)  UK Orchardgrass Grazing Time Lapse Video   (.wmv)  
     3)  Orchardgrass Grazing Response Feb. 2009 1   (.ppt)  
     4)  UK Tall Fescue Time Lapse Movie High Resolution   (.wmv)  
     5)  Tall Fescue Grazing Response Feb. 2009 2   (.ppt)  
     6)  UK Tall Fescue vs Orchardgrass High Resolution Movie   (.wmv)  
     7)  UK Tall Fescue and Orchardgrass Grazing Response   (.ppt)  
     8)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Movie High Resolution   (.wmv)  
     9)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Still Images   (.ppt)  





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