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Kentucky Master Logger Program

The Kentucky Master Logger program provides mandated training and continuing education for Kentucky's logging industry. The program offers ten, 3 day introductory training programs annually for loggers wishing to become designated as a Kentucky Master Logger. The program also provides between 15 and 30 one day continuing education programs for logger wishing to maintain their Kentucky Master Logger designation. More information on the Kentucky Master Logger program including dates, locations, and signups for upcoming programs, a searchable data base for Kentucky Master Loggers and other information on the program can be obtained at

Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course Program

The Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course is a series of 4 one-day forestry field days geared at providing woodland owners in Kentucky with detailed information on a wide range of topics relevant to forest management in the Commonwealth. Participants that complete 3 days graduate from the program and are recognized in a graduate ceremony at the completion of the last field day. Each field day concentrates on a different topic. In 2005 the field days included, exotic/invasive control, small woodland management options, bottomland hardwood management, and alternative logging systems. The program is a joint venture of the UK Department of Forestry Extension and the Kentucky Division of Forestry and is sponsored by the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association. Stay tuned for the 2006 schedule to be realized in March.

Professional Forestry Workshops Program

The Professional Forestry Workshops is a multi-state continuing education program for forestry and related natural resource professionals in Kentucky and Tennessee. Forestry extension specialists from the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee conduct these technical training programs to provide foresters with updates on a wide variety of topics such as basic and advanced and upland hardwood silviculture, site preparation, and hardwood tree planting. Typically two to five multiple day training programs are conducted annually.

Tree Identification

Tree and wildflower identification can be obtained directly from the UK Herbarium housed in the Department of Forestry. Rob Paratley, Research Specialist and Curator of the Herbarium handles tree J.D. for county agents, landowners, and the general public. To submit samples use the Woody Plant and Wildflower Identification Form The form contains information on how to package materials and the mailing address for the herbarium. Contact Rob Paratley directly at 859-257-3094,

Kentucky Forestry Leadership Program

The Kentucky Forest Leadership Program began over 50 years ago and has evolved during that time. The program is designed for high school students completing their sophomore and junior years. This weeklong experience concentrates on forest management and related subjects. Throughout the week, students will see for themselves a variety of different careers in related fields beyond forestry, including civil engineering, entomology, soil science, wildlife habitat assessment, and water quality. The Kentucky Forest Leadership Program gives you the chance to learn how to think, not what to think. You develop life long learning skills based on observation, action and evaluation. Learn to think creatively, make decisions, and set goals. The Department of Entomology has teamed with the Department of Forestry expanding the natural resource options for high school students. Students can enroll in an entomology component spending most of the week learning the basics of entomology and the impact they create on Kentucky's forests. Contact Doug McLaren directly at 859-257-2703, or click on Kentucky Forestry Leadership Program

Wood Utilization Center

Technical Training Series Technical training for industry is offered by extension professionals at the University of Kentucky's Wood Utilization Center in Quicksand Kentucky. The center is home for a number of highly technical training programs for Kentucky's forest industries. Go to the Wood Utilization website for further information,

Secondary Wood Industry Training Program

Specialized training for the secondary wood industry personnel is conducted by extension professionals at the Wood Utilization Center in Quicksand Kentucky. Individual and small group training programs are designed to assist the secondary wood industry with training in a variety of skills including computer controlled equipment. Examples of training programs include Profile Knife Grinding and Moulder Setup and Template Making and Tool Design. Go to the Secondary Wood Industry Training Page for more information.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Dr. Deborah B. Hill has developed publications and videos on Shiitake Mushroom production for growers. This represents a significant low inital investment alternative income source for rural landowners in Kentucky. She can be contacted at 859-257-7610 of

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