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Bracken County, Kentucky

David Appelman, County ANR Extension Agent


This was in a grazing trial with corn on a dairy farm.  I will say that the main thing we learned from this trial is to NOT GRAZE CORN WITH DAIRY CATTLE!  Some of the symptoms we saw included, low dry matter intake, acidosis, and a drop in production.  Our main goal with this trial was to determine what crop would be the best to plant while trying to replace the fescue.


Fescue Replacement Cost and Returns (per acre)




Burn Down (Roundup)



Fertilizer (N only)



Seed Cost



Equipment Rental



Reseeding Cost



Equipment Rental



Total Cost





Corn- 40% utilization, poor cow performance, not enough dry matter intake, acidosis, low production.


Brown Midrib Sorghum - 3 grazings, yield estimate at 8 tons per acre, cow performance and utilization - excellent


Fescue - GONE!


Due to the problems with the corn, we felt that the production data on the herd would not be a good indicator of the sorghum performance.


David Appelman

CEA for Agriculture

Bracken County Extension Service

1120 Brooksville - Germantown Rd

Brooksville, KY  41004

Phone (606) 735-2141

FAX (606) 735-2142


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