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International Equine Genome Mapping Workshop
The 8th Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation International Equine Genome Mapping Workshop took place near Newmarket, UK from July 22 to 25, 2009...[more]

Writers at the Louisville Courier Journal recently won the 2008 Media Eclipse Award for journalism based on an article about Thoroughbred racing and break-downs. They published a 3 part story, including genetics, track surfaces and medications. In connection with the genetics section they interviewed several members of the Horse Genome Project. See the accompanying links for the full stories on the 2008 Media Eclipse Award and the article itself.

Courier-Journal Web site wins award for horse project
Genetics may hold key to Injury-prone horses
[December 2008]

The first draft of the horse genome sequence was recently completed and deposited...
[JAVMA News, April 2007]

Data on Equine Genome Freely Available to Researchers Worldwide
[NIH News, February 2007]

The first genome map of a horse is complete, providing scientists with new tools for investigating equine disease. [ April 2006]



Map of Participating Investigators in Australia Adelaide

D. Adelson

David Adelson
Professor, University of Adelaide, Australia

Dave is interested in all things genetic, provided he can use a computer to work on them. As a result he develops genome databases and web based tools to help other scientists make the most of the horse genome sequence.



C. Wade

Claire Wade
Professor and Chair, Computational Biology and Animal Genetics, The University of Sydney

Since I was first introduced to my big sister's horse Fred at the age of six I have been fascinated with horses. To me they represented freedom and natural grace. As a teenager I owned an Anglo-Arab (Quest) and with him I competed in pony club. I was thrilled when my skills as a genomic computational biologist were needed for the horse genome project - what a wonderful thing to be able to work closely with one of my favorite animals!

My favorite part of my work is learning how the characteristics that we see in animals are affected by their DNA and so finding what makes members of a species so alike and yet unique. I also love learning how the history of a species influences its genome.



N. Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton
Lecturer in Veterinary Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney

Natasha's research interest is particularly focused on the genetics of racehorses. Her research has been aided by her close links to the racing industry, as she has also been a casual raceday official for over 15 years. Current specific research projects include investigating the genetics of both performance and soundness in racehorses, unravelling the DNA sequence of Phar Lap, investigation of factors contributing to epistaxis, and determining the genetics underlying unusual white markings in Australian racehorses.



B. Haase

Bianca Haase
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sydney

Her research focuses on coat color genetics in horses, with a special emphasis on depigmentation phenotypes. Currently she is investigating the molecular genetic mechanism that controls the development of white markings. Bianca is an active show-jumper and trains young sporthorses in her leisure time.


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