Experiment 2 sprayed on July 27, 2006, to evaluate injury symptoms of herbicides applied late season.

Herbicide treatments were applied directly on grape foliage.
Treatments were sprayed at 20 gpa with a 4-nozzle boom that sprays a 5.5 ft band.
Injury ratings and photos were taken 8 days after application.

Click on the treatment name below to view pictures of the injury description and its severity.

  Injury Symptoms 8 Days After Treatment
Treatment Description Severity
Aatrex 4 L   0.25 qt/A Leaf Yellowing minor
 Aatrex 4 L   0.5 qt/A Leaf Yellowing minor
2,4-D Amine 4L   0.01 pt/A None  
 2,4-D Amine 4L   0.1 pt/A None  
Aim 2EC    0.25 oz/A Leaf Burn minor
 Aim 2EC    0.5 oz/A Leaf Burn minor
Banvel 4EC   0.0074 pt/A None  
Callisto 4SC   0.75 oz/A Leaf Yellowing minor
 Callisto 4SC   1.5 oz/A Leaf Yellowing major
Chateau 51WG   2 oz/A Leaf Burn minor
 Chateau 51WG   3 oz/A Leaf Burn minor
Dual II Magnum 7.64EC   0.33 pt/A Leaf Yellowing, Questionable minor
 Dual II Magnum 7.64EC   0.66 pt/A Leaf Yellowing, Questionable minor
Gallery 75DF   0.17 lb/A Leaf Yellowing minor
 Gallery 75DF    0.33 lb/A Leaf Yellowing minor
Garlon 4EC   0.5 pt/A Death major
 Karmex 80WP   1 lb/A Leaf Yellowing minor
 Princep 4FL   1 qt/A None  
 Prowl 3.3EC   1.2 qt/A Leaf Yellowing minor
 Surflan 4FL   1 qt/A None  
 Treflan 4EC    1 pt/A Leaf Yellowing minor

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