Herbicide Cross-Reference Lists

Herbicides: Common Name List:

Alphabetical List of Herbicides by Common Name.

Herbicides: Trade Name List:

Alphabetical List of Herbicides by Trade Name.


List of all weeds included.

Herbicide vs. Weed:

Efficacy rating of PRE and POST control on weeds for each herbicide.

Weed vs. Herbicide:

 List of herbicides used for each weed.

Herbicide vs. Crop:

List of labeled and tolerant crops for each herbicide.

Crop vs. Herbicide:

List of herbicides used for each crop.

It is strongly recommend that you read the full herbicide label for the full list of precautions and proper methods of use and application.

Pesticide labels and MSDS can be viewed and printed at http://www.cdms.net/manuf/manuf.asp
Enter the trade name of the pesticide (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, miticide, etc.) in the box on top of the page for the latest version of available labels.

Herbicides presented in these cross-reference lists are in constant change in terms of manufacturers, labeled crops, and weeds controlled.

The information presented here is to be used as a first step when deciding what herbicide to use; always refer to the label for the final authority.

The following link lists the pesticide companies names.

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