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Physiological, Nutritional and Other Disorders of Sweet Corn

Other common problems of Sweet Corn in Kentucky

Foliar symptoms of nitrogen deficiencyNitrogen deficiency Seedling symptoms of nitrogen deficiency.Seedling nitrogen deficiency Whole plant zinc deficiency symptomsWhole-plant symptoms of Zinc deficiency Foliar zinc deficiency symptomsFoliar symptoms of Zinc deficiency
Phosphorous defiiency in corn seedlingPhosphorous deficiency Phosphorous deficiency at whorl stage.Phosphorous deficiency Uneven plant stand due to soil compaction.Soil Compaction Gramoxone injuryLeaf spotting due to Paraquat (Gramoxone) injury
Drought stress.Drought stress Wind damage.Wind damage Frost damageFrost damage EPTC injuryThiocarbamate herbicide injury
Uneven ear fill.Uneven ear fill Excessive tillering.Excessive tillering


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Photo Credits: Images provided by UK Vegetable IPM Team; R.L. Croissant ,; P.F. Byrne,; Howard Schwarts, Colorado State University,; Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute,; and Brent Rowell, University of Kentucky.

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