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Tomato Diseases

Common Diseases of Tomatoes in Kentucky

AnthracnoseAnthracnose Bacterial Stem CankerBacterial stem Canker Bacterial CankerBacterial canker Bacterial cankerBacterial canker on fruit Early BlightEarly blight
Late BlightLate blight Leaf MoldLeaf mold Powdery mildewPowdery mildew SeptoriaSeptoria leaf spot Southern BlightSouthern blight
Southern SclerotianaSouthern blight sclerotia Tobacco Mosaic VirusTobacco mosaic virus Tomato Spot WiltTomato spotted wilt virus Cucumber mosaic virusCucumber mosaic virus Vert wiltVerticillium wilt


Click Here to view the entire manual - ID - 172 An IPM Scounting Giude for Common Pests of Solanaceous Crops in Kentucky.

Photo Credits: Images provided by UK Vegetable IPM Team, David Langston, UGA,,; David Ingram, MSU; John Hartman, University of Kentucky; Howard Schwartz, CSU,; Clemson University, USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, and Author unknown for Anthracnose and Bacterial canker on tomato fruit.

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