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Plant Pathology Fact Sheets


ppfs-AG-C-1 Diseases of Concern in Continuous Corn

ppfs-AG-C-2 Seed and Seedling Diseases of Corn

ppfs-AG-C-3 Commercially Available Test Kits for the Detection of Mycotoxins in Corn and Other Grains NEW!


ppfs-AG-F-1 Summertime Foliar Diseases of Alfalfa

ppfs-AG-F-2 Risk Factors for Sclerotinia Crown and Stem Rot in Fall-Seeded Alfalfa

ppfs-AG-F-3 Common Alfalfa Seedling Diseases and Disorders

ppfs-AG-F-4 "Emergency" Inoculation for Poorly Inoculated Legumes

ppfs-AG-F-5 Crown Rots of Alfalfa

ppfs-AG-F-6 Alfalfa Diseases Caused by Rhizoctonia Fungi


ppfs-AG-R-1 Winter Decline Syndrome of Canola


ppfs-AG-S-1 Brown Spot of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-2 Charcoal Rot of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-3 Downy Mildew of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-4 Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-5 Root and Lower Stem Diseases of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-6 Southern Blight of Soybeans

ppfs-AG-S-7 Stem Canker of Soybean

ppfs-AG-S-8 Value of Wheat Residue in Soybean Cyst Nematode Management

ppfs-AG-S-9 Sampling Soybean Fields for Soybean Cyst Nematode Analysis

ppfs-AG-S-10 Use of Soybean Blends in Soybean Cyst Nematode Management programs

ppfs-AG-S-11 Foliar Fungicide Use to Protect Soybean Seed Quality

ppfs-AG-S-12 Seed Treatment Fungicides for Soybeans

ppfs-AG-S-13 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 1: Soybean Cyst Nematode  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-14 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 2: Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-15 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 3: Root and Lower Stem Diseases  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-16 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 4: Foliar Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Fungi  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-17 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 5: Virus Diseases of Soybean  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-18 Soybean Diseases Control Series:Are We Missing Opportunities? PART 6: Fungal Pod and Stem Diseases of Soybean  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-19 Soybean Foliar Spots and Blights  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-20 Soybean Cyst Nematode "Races" soon to be a thing of the past  NEW!

ppfs-AG-S-21 Australasian Soybean Rust: An Exotic Pest Threat  NEW!


ppfs-AG-SG-1 TakeAll of Wheat

ppfs-AG-SG-2 Wheat Bacterial Streak

ppfs-AG-SG-3 Barley Yellow Dwarf

ppfs-AG-SG-4 Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Virus (WSSM)

ppfs-AG-SG-5 Foliar Fungicide Use in Wheat

ppfs-AG-SG-6 Preplant Decisions Greatly Impact Disease Potential in Wheat

ppfs-AG-SG-7 Black "Sooty" Head Mold of Wheat

ppfs-AG-SG-8 Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (WSMV)

ppfs-AG-SG-9 Wheat Fusarium Head Blight (Head Scab) in Relation to Tillage and Previous Crop


ppfs-FR-S-1 Cane and Leaf Spot ("Dead Arm") of Grape

ppfs-FR-S-2 Black Root Rot of Strawberry

ppfs-FR-S-3 Blackberry Rosette (Double Blossom)

ppfs-FR-S-4 Raspberry Fruit Rots

ppfs-FR-S-5 Strawberry Anthracnose


ppfs-FR-T-1 Peach Leaf Curl and Plum Pockets

ppfs-FR-T-2 Apple Fruit Diseases Appearing at Harvest

ppfs-FR-T-3 Frogeye Leaf Spot, Black Rot, and Canker of Apple

ppfs-FR-T-4 Black Knot

ppfs-FR-T-6 Cherry Leaf Spot

ppfs-FR-T-7 Using MARYBLYT Computer Program to Aid in Apple Fire Blight Control

ppfs-FR-T-8 Gummosis and Perennial Canker of Stone Fruits



ppfs-GEN-1 Crown Gall

ppfs-GEN-2 Powdery Mildew


ppfs-GH-1 Managing the Greenhouse Environment to Control Plant Diseases

ppfs-GH-2 Control of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Impatiens Necrotic Ring Spot Virus and their Vectors, Western Flower Thrips, in Greenhouse Crops <


ppfs-MISC-1 Laboratories for Mycotoxin Analyses

ppfs-MISC-2 Systemic Fungicide Resistance A Threat to Kentucky Agriculture

ppfs-MISC-3 Slime Mold, Lichens, & Sooty Mold Problems on Plants

ppfs-MISC-4 Disease Risk Posed by Peanuts on Organic Farms


ppfs-OR-H-1 Bacterial Blight of Geranium

ppfs-OR-H-2 Preventing Greenhouse Poinsettia Diseases

ppfs-OR-H-3 Foliar Nematodes of Ornamental Plants

ppfs-OR-H-4 Diseases & Cultural Problems of Houseplants

ppfs-OR-H-5 Oedema

ppfs-OR-H-6 Diseases of Landscape Ground Cover Plants

ppfs-OR-H-7 Iris Diseases

ppfs-OR-H-8 Phlox Powdery Mildew

ppfs-OR-H-9 Controlling Phytophthera Root Rot in Greenhouse Ornamentals  NEW!


ppfs-OR-T-1 Weather Favorable for Cottony Blight in Turfgrasses

ppfs-OR-T-2 Avoid Resistance to Fungicides Used to Control Diseases of Turfgrasses

ppfs-OR-T-4 Anthracnose on Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens

ppfs-OR-T-5 Localized Dry Spot

ppfs-OR-T-6 Pythium Root Rot of Turfgrasses

ppfs-OR-T-8 Does Fungicide Usage Increase Thatch Accumulation in Turf?

ppfs-OR-T-9 Destructive Diseases Common on Turfgrasses in Kentucky

ppfs-OR-T-10 Sudden Deterioration of New Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens


ppfs-OR-W-1 Wounds and Wood Decay of Trees

ppfs-OR-W-2 Dutch Elm Disease

ppfs-OR-W-3 Black Root Rot of Ornamentals

ppfs-OR-W-4 Wet Feet in the Landscape

ppfs-OR-W-5 Shoestring Root Rot A Cause of Tree and Shrub Decline

ppfs-OR-W-6 Dogwood Anthracnose

ppfs-OR-W-7 Maintaining Healthy Rhododendrons and Azaleas

ppfs-OR-W-8 Understanding and Controlling Diseases of Landscape Plants

ppfs-OR-W-9 Pyracantha Scab

ppfs-OR-W-10 Black Spot of Rose

ppfs-OR-W-11 Twig Blights of Juniper


ppfs-vg-1 Black Rot of Crucifers

ppfs-vg-2 Blossom End Rot

ppfs-vg-3 Southern Blight

ppfs-vg-4 Reactions of Sweet Corn Hybrids to Four Diseases

ppfs-vg-5 Management Tips for Disease Control in Commercial Vegetables in Kentucky

ppfs-vg-6 Disease Control in Commercial Vegetable Plant Beds

ppfs-vg-7 Many EBDC Registrations have been Restored for Commercial Vegetables Since 1992

ppfs-vg-8 Fungicide Application Guidelines for Commercial Vegetables in Kentucky

ppfs-vg-9 Seed Treatments for Commercial Vegetables in Kentucky

ppfs-vg-10 Preplant Soil Pasteurization/Fumigation

ppfs-vg-11 Disease Potential in FloatTransplant Production Systems

Kentucky IPM

Original document: 30 August 1999
Last updated: 8 October 2003

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