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Virus Complex: Kentucky Corn IPM

Virus Complex


Corn plants affected with the virus complex generally lack vigor, have an off-green to yellowish color, may be stunted and may develop reddening of leaves in mid to late season. Closer examination of leaves may reveal mottling, yellow to dark-green mosaic patterns or light green to yellow streaks and stripes in leaves.

virus-infected corn plant

Nutrient problems can sometimes be confused with the virus complex. However, nutrient problems generally affect plants in an area whereas viruses often, but not always, appear to strike individual plants or small clusters of plants, which may or may not be surrounded by healthy plants.


Virus infection in Johnson Grass

Viruses are often found in fields with a rhizome johnsongrass problem and where susceptible corn hybrids are grown. The photograph at left shows johnsongrass that is infected with a virus and shows the typical streaking in the leaves.

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