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Dicot Weeds : Kentucky IPM


Dicots: Plants with two cotyledons or seed leaves. The leaves of dicots usually have veins with a net-like appearance. Broadleaf weeds are considered dicots.

Common NameScientific NameLife Cycle
Broadleaf WeedsBurcucumber Sicyos angulatuswarm-season annual
Common Chickweed Stellaria mediacool-season annual
Cocklebur Xanthium strumariumwarm-season annual
Giant Ragweed Ambrosia trifidawarm-season annual
Henbit Lamium amplexicaulecool-season annual
Honeyvine Milkweed Ampelamus albidusperennial
Ivyleaf Morningglory Ipomoea hederaceawarm-season annual
JimsonweedDatura stramoniumwarm-season annual
Shepherd's Purse Capsella bursa-pastoriscool-season annual
Pennsylvania Smartweed Polygonum pensylvanicumwarm-season annual
Tall Morningglory Ipomoea purpureawarm-season annual
Velvetleaf Abutilon theophrastiwarm-season annual

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