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Cereal Leaf Beetle


Overwintering adult cereal leaf beetles can be found in Kentucky small grain fields from early April until mid-May. Their eggs are laid from mid-April until late May, and larvae occur from late April through mid-June. Cereal leaf beetle adults are shiny black beetles with red legs and thorax, approximately 1/2 inch long.

Cereal leaf beetle adult
Cereal leaf beetle larvaThe larvae are pale yellow and soft bodied. They "glue" pieces of trash and leaves on their backs as camouflage and may look like bird droppings.


The adults and larva tear out long narrow strips of tissue between the leaf veins. This feeding pattern leaves long whitish scars on the leaves.

Cereal Leaf Beetle Activity

Cereal leaf beetle activity

Please note: These dates are approximations only. This calendar was constructed using data from Kentucky, USA. These dates may not apply in your area. You may wish to contact your county extension agent or agricultural consultant for information tailored to your locality.

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