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Kentucky Pest Management Information Center

Kentucky Pest Management Information Center

The Kentucky Component of the Southern Region IPM Center

In cooperation with the Southern Region IPM Center, the Kentucky Pest Management Information Center serves as a source of information on pesticides and current pest management problems and issues of interest to Kentuckians. The Southern Region IPM Center located at North Carolina State University is one of four Regional Pest Management Centers developed by the USDA to provide information about commodities, pests and pest management practices, people and issues in the U.S. The Southern Region Pest Management Center and the Kentucky Pest Management Center work in partnership with stakeholders from agricultural, urban and rural settings to identify and address priorities for research, education and outreach for Kentucky and the southern region.

To view IPM priorities identified by Kentucky stakeholders visit the "Priorities" page. If there is a pest or pest management related issue or problem for Kentucky not listed that you wish to identify, you can submit it via e-mail by clicking here or additional contact information can be found on the "Contacts" page. To view southern region IPM priorities or submit an IPM priority directly to the Southern Region IPM Center, visit the Index of Priorities Southern Region IPM Center.


The information contained in University of Kentucky Publications and the KY Pest News newsletter are written by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science Cooperative Extension Specialists for a variety of pests including insects, diseases and weeds. All information and recommendations in the KY publications and the KY Pest News Newsletter are time-sensitive and apply only to Kentucky. Contact your local County Extension Office for information relating to your state.

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